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February 2007


by testt

★ccwebkey.com2.0 美丽书签 节约时间 创意导航

by testt
★一种全新的网址导航。 ★ 一键打开网页。很适合年级大的对计算机不是很了解的人 ★ 框架式浏览。导航后不用切回主页,直接再导航 ★ 网页文字朗读功能。把网页上的文字选中,拖动到最上面的绿色方框,就能朗读给你听,复制后粘贴到这个绿色方框也具有同样效果。

April 2006

January 2006

1000 tags

by blogsir & 2 others

October 2005


by cnkenlee & 7 others

September 2005


by cnkenlee & 1 other
全球最大的C2C网站= Blog + Flickr/Fotolog + YouTube/Seehaha + Technorati + Paypal--来自Isaac的创意


by cnkenlee
Create your own Frapper map!

The Million Dollar Homepage - FAQ

by cnkenlee
try and make $1m (US) by selling 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each.

The definitive collection of idea generation methods

by cnkenlee & 21 others
This website lists and explains every idea generation method I've encountered during the past 15 years. It is the result of extensive research; my many sources include books, management journals, websites, academics, consultants and colleagues.

August 2005

flickrTagFight |

by cnkenlee & 6 others
利用flickr的Tag来比较,类似Google Fight

July 2005

Skype Journal: Buddycasting - Next Big Thing in IM?

by cnkenlee
We have Podcasting, Skypecasting and perhaps this community variant is buddycasting. While you can't have it today this mock-up from Uri Levanon displays the kind of thinking required to take the IM client to the next level. It also enables behavior simil

MacBlog » Buddycasting (then XXXcasting?)

by cnkenlee
現在是 Podcasting 很熱門,也有 Skypecasting (用 Skype 來 Podcasting)

BusyBodies Stick Figure T-shirts and Gifts :

by cnkenlee
creates and sells original stick figure designs on quality apparel and gift items through the Internet. We strive to deliver fun, creative products that celebrate people's diverse interests, occupations, sports, and personalities.


by cnkenlee
DFILM launched the MovieMaker, which let users create a short animated cartoon on a website and email it to their friends. MovieMaker was extremely viral - each person who received a movie would in turn create and send movies to 4 or 5 additional friends

by cnkenlee & 4 others
We offer high quality customizable products that ship within 24 hours of your order.

Judy's Book

by cnkenlee & 2 others
Judy's Book is Your Friends' Yellow PagesTM — making it easy to swap local tips with people you trust.


by cnkenlee

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