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URLBlaze: the world's first URL Sharing Network!

by truthhere
What is URLBlaze v.2? URLBlaze V.2 is a multi file search system integrating the power of verified web search and the robustness of its decentralized, peer-to-peer search system. Rather then giving access to your hard-drive and share files, URLBlaze shares the address of files you have downloaded using your browser or download manager. This new technology is called URL Sharing. URLBlaze V.2 also does a parallel search over many major search engines to help you find the file you want. Every search result is verified! Use URLBlaze to search for any kind of file. Instead of downloading the files from personal computers (Napster, Gnutella, WinMX etc.), you receive an address to the file on an Internet server.

Bush 911 Video .com - You will never be the same

by dav2go1 (via)
This website shows Lots of Streaming video proving that the official explanation of 911 is BS. It further explains that Bush/Project for a New American Century are behind it.

An open letter to ITV programming department.

by jimgardner1973
The power of social bookmarking to make a difference, to right wrongs

What Is The Secret? The Worldwide Television Event.

by aila & 135 others
Have you seen THE SECRET video? Have you discovered The Secret Scroll? Will you have a front row seat? Ask and it is given... A worldwide television event.



by Appamatix
Discussion board about the travesties of life that we live through and the trials associated with just living day to day. Intense forum for those who need a outlet to be heard as well need some feedback to their ongoing struggle's.

Here is a collection of research tools I made, as you might have missed them the first time around. Many of them access the Google API.

by hurlantenova
Here is a collection of research tools I made, as you might have missed them the first time around. Many of them access the Google API.

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