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Divorce, quand la religion s’en mêle

by bouilloire
Trois religions monothéistes majeures, trois témoignages. Et la femme dans tout ça.

DeepL (traducteur)

by ChriMi & 1 other
L'intelligence artificielle pour les langues DeepL entraine l'intelligence artificielle pour comprendre et traduire des textes. Le meilleur service de traduction automatique.


Annuaire des commerces lausannois

by jpr
Répertoire officiel des services, administrations et magasins du Centre Ville de Lausanne.

Blog écologie jardinage

by Neutre
Un blog sur le jardinage écologique et les différentes techniques de jardinage éco-responsables.

Blog voyages, le blog des carnets de voyage dans le monde

by Neutre
Blog de carnets de voyages à travers le monde entier.

Generate QR Coded Barcode with Version Setting & Enhanced Recognizing Code128 & OneD Barcodes using .NET

by aspose_seo
The latest version of Aspose.BarCode for .NET 17.12.0 has been released. The major development in this release is the support to generate QR coded barcode with version setting. This release also supports enhanced process of recognizing Code128 and OneD coded barcode. Improved speed and quality of 1D barcode recognition process has also been incorporated in this release. Aspose.BarCode supports the functionality to generate QR coded barcode with its version information. This functionality allows to generate QR coded barcode by setting its version number. A property BarCodeBuilder.QRVersion has been introduced to define the said setting. How a developer can set QR version number is demonstrated in the code snippet given below. The code snippet contains comments that makes it self-explanatory. This release also fixes exceptions that were reported by Aspose valued customers, such as Process of setting license has been improved. Now API will show correct exception message in case license subscription is expired. Setting license time has also been improved, Working of Aspose.BarCode in multi-threaded environment has been enhanced, DatabarStacked barcode recognition process has been enhanced, Process of recognizing barcode from JPEG and TIFF image has been improved Functionality to generate Datamatrix barcode has been updated and Process to recognize PDF417 and Code128 barcode has been enhanced. Performance improvements have been made to boost up the process.

13 December 2017

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