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Ayman Hourieh's Blog

by springnet
thoughts on Open Source software, Computer Science, and various bits from my life and the web. Jahshaka

by springnet & 1 other
Jahshaka is a video and film compositing, editing and special fx system that uses OpenGL & OpenML hardware rendering to give operators real time interactivity. The system is cross platform, and also includes full CG, paint and image processing modules. | Products & Services

by springnet
Virtualization provides an escape from this very problem. The existing stack can continue to run as is as a guest inside a virtual machine, while the latest hypervisor happily supports the new hardware, as well as bringing benefits in reliability and perf


Installing and Running WebKit in Linux Using Qt - Monday By Noon

by talou
WebKit/WebKitBuild/Release/WebKitQt/QtLauncher/QtLauncher about:blank


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