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The next generation bends over - (37signals)

Let’s build great companies that are here to fight, here to win, and here to stay until the next generation after us comes along and kicks all our asses. And again and again and again. That’s how better happens.

Create floor plans, house plans and home plans online with

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La façon la plus facile de créer et partager des plans d'aménagement interactifs Now In Public Beta, Aims To Become The Digital Certification Standard


How can you be a trustable company when the CEO is the best bullshiter i’ve ever met in France.

Moi qui croyais que les français 2.0 étaient solidaires :-D

What Bruce Sterling Actually Said About Web 2.0 at Webstock 09 | Beyond the Beyond from


Web 2.0 goes away. Its work is done. The thing I always loved best about Web 2.0 was its implicit expiration date.



Omnidrive Heading for Deadpool? (Update 1: CEO Says No, They're Just Overloaded; Update 2: ex-CTO Responds)

Comparing the answers of the CEO & CTO is funny. Seems there was no money, no board & no investors.

Sauvons le Web 2.0 ! - Presse-citron - Le blog

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Sauvez Netvibes, trouvez le business model !