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24 May 2006


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MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends' friends. Create a private community on MySpace and you can share photos, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends! See who knows who, or how you are connected. Find out if you really are six people away from Kevin Bacon.

23 May 2006 我的朋友,我的家!

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04 May 2006

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Blogsome is a free blog host based on the Wordpress blogging platform

02 May 2006

Opera Community

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Welcome to Opera Community A free community site for everyone. With 300 MB of free space you can keep a blog and share photos and files.

01 May 2006

27 April 2006

03 April 2006


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此时此刻,谁在和你看同一本书 ? ? ? ? ? ?  对你想看、在看、看(听)过的书、电影和音乐标注、分类、评价; 豆瓣会根据你的口味, 从百万种书、电影、音乐中挑出你最可能感兴趣的; 发表书评或回应, 参加关于任何书或电影的自由讨论; 发现志同道合者,浏览他们的评价、推荐,或发送站内邮件; 加入或创建各类主题的小组, 参与讨论,建立小组收藏。 在豆瓣注册,只需要半分钟!