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22 July 2006

Web tools for academics

Many entries of Applied Mechanics News have talked about personal experience with web tools of value to academics. A list of links to these entries might be useful.

How to keep track of comments in bolgs

co.mments, a service that allows individuals who comment on blogs and other sites to keep track of conversations in once place

How to obtain a permanent link to an article in New York Times

articles in the New Yorks Times are free online for a week. However, by entering the temporary URL of an article into a software, you can generate a permanent URL.

How to subscribe to RSS feeds

A start page (also known as newsreader, RSS reader, news aggregator, or newsfeed reader, etc.) can update the headlines of Applied Mechanics News on your computer, side by side with the headlines of the New York Times, etc., with each headline linked to a

Google Group: a free archive for group emails

The Applied Mechanics Discussion Group uses a free service called Google Group.

CiteULike: Your online library of scientific literature, and more...

CiteULike is an online service to help academics to share, store, and organize the scientific literature.

The LibraryLookup Bookmarklet

The Project produces bookmarklets, which allow you to look up a book in your local library with a single click, while surfing on Amazon.

How to make long distance phone calls for free

Skype, an Internet phone service, allows you make free phone calls around the world. The sound quality is excellent.

Google Scholar can localize your search to library links

Search globally, go locally. Starting from Feb. 2006, Google Scholar offers links to find papers in your local library. See here for details.

Bookmarklet to localize a webpage of a journal paper

Most journals offer the title, authors and abstract of each paper online for free. This information is a foundation for many services. For example, Teng has been urging us to adopt CiteUlike, a free social bookmarking website created by Richard Cameron fo

20 July 2006 Amazon Upgrades Book Access

In May, Amazon announced Upgrade, which gives users immediate online access to the entire text of a purchased book at a fee of an additional 10%-20% above a book's list price. It also enables customers to search, annotate, bookmark, and print individual p

19 July 2006

18 July 2006

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