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February 2009

Start Calculation

For people who are missing out on benefits, worth £8billion a year. The wizards help tell you what you entitledto.

January 2009

How to Stop Being Jealous - wikiHow

Something everyone needs a reminder or needs to understand this meaning.

is it going to rain?

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Nice way to check if it is going to rain.

December 2008

UK Parkour Association: message boards

Conditioning joints explained here.

Pomegranate | NS08

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Dream phone of the future :)

November 2008

Outsource to Freelancers, IT Companies, Programmers, Web Designers from India, Russia, USA, and more - oDesk

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Freelancing tool helps with; hiring manage and pay remote contractors as if they in your office.

.theprodukkt aka 3d demo .debris 177kb big!?

Impressive small demo. They saved space by using a technique of generating textures procedurally.

October 2008

[Shared-Cookbook] User / Welcome

Free social recipe cookbook, where you can socially share your recipes to the world in your own language. Create themed menus with added ability to generate summarized shopping lists. In turn, speeds up your daily shopping moments. Users can discuss their recipes and vote what is good,funny, silly, or bad. The site boasts the most user friendly recipe editor and recommends Firefox for best viewing :)

August 2008

Format My Source Code for Blogging

Very Handy and one of my fav blog spots to check in with :)

July 2008

Volunteer For Clinical, Drug, and Medical Trials Across The UK

Help the world and become a medical benefit in the making. Also good if desperate for some cash. But hopefully nothing too major can occur, more of side effects.

PCs - Recycled / Special Charity Pricing

List of all charity based Recycled PC organizations.

Zend Framework Tutorial Zend Framework Tutorial

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Zend Framework Tutorials on various parts of the framework. Very nice

June 2008

Play and create online games at for free

Probably the best free games online with score boards too. Users can create their own game.

Search IRC, Chat Directory > General > Chat

Chat amongst ppl around the world

May 2008

Home - MarkMail

Great way to browse Maillists

mscape - You Are Here.

location-based experiences, games and tours on a handheld device.

Computer Aid International

Providing you have more than one computer, you can donate them to this place

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