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Yahoo! Site Explorer

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Yahoo! Site Explorer is a tool that lets you access the information we have about a site's online presence. You can see which sites and subpages are indexed by Yahoo! Search, track sites that link into webpage, and view the most popular pages from any site. Use Site Explorer to:\n * Find which sites and subpages are indexed by Yahoo! Search!.\n * Find pages that link to that site or any page. (inlinks)\n * View the most popular pages from any site.\n * Submit and track feeds for your sites.\n

Yahoo! Mobile Developers Home. Maximum Reach. Minimum Effort.

Yahoo! Blueprint is a technology for creating mobile web sites for many different types of mobile phones. Use the technology that powers our products in your own sites—all you need is a web server and some simple XML.

Yahoo! Research

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Yahoo! Research is the central advanced research organization of Yahoo! Inc., a leading global Internet brand and one of the most trafficked Internet destinations worldwide. 

YUI 3 — Yahoo! User Interface Library

UI 3 is Yahoo!'s next-generation JavaScript and CSS library


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BrowserPlus™ is a technology for web browsers that allows developers to create rich web applications with desktop capabilities.

YUI -- The Yahoo! User Interface Library

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The YUI Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. YUI is available under a BSD license and is free for all uses. The YUI project includes the YUI Library and two build-time tools: YUI Compressor (minification) and YUI Doc (documentation engine for JavaScript code).

Yahoo! Query Language - YDN

The Yahoo! Query Language is an expressive SQL-like language that lets you query, filter, and join data across Web services. With YQL, apps run faster with fewer lines of code and a smaller network footprint.

JSLint, The JavaScript Code Quality Tool

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JSLint takes a JavaScript source and scans it. If it finds a problem, it returns a message describing the problem and an approximate location within the source. The problem is not necessarily a syntax error, although it often is. JSLint looks at some style conventions as well as structural problems. It does not prove that your program is correct. It just provides another set of eyes to help spot problems.

VisualSeeker - Yahoo!ラボ

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Yahoo! labs japan - search similar or draw

Blind Search

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Interesting: The goal of this site is simple, we want to see what happens when you remove the branding from search engines. How differently will you perceive the results? then compare and vote

AirTalkr | AIR based Instant Messenger | Connects to MSN Yahoo! ICQ GTalk AIM Flickr YouTube Blog RSS MySpace Friendster Twitter

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AirTalkr is a multi-protocol Instant Messenger that connects to MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, AOL and ICQ. Not only that, it also has connects to to various Web 2.0 services like Flickr and YouTube. AirTalkr runs on Adobe AIR, so you will need the runtime to use it. As of now, AirTalkr can run on Windows and Mac. Also has Web version Web Messenger

by 6 others Web-based Instant Messenger service lets you stay connected with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk and MySpace messengers.

radiusIM - The Social IM

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MSN, AIM/ICQ, Yahoo, and GTalk/Jabber Your friends will show up in the Friends List to the right and as pictures inside the map. The pictures around the map are other people located somewhere within the map view, but you don’t know exactly where. You can drag or zoom the map to a new place to see new people from that area. Remember that radiusIM is a full application living inside your browser so try right clicking and sizing the windows to make it work better for you. Login required


by 9 others is a web-based service that allows users to hold text, voice, and video chats on multiple instant messaging protocols. Currently supported protocols include AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger. The service is free and requires no user-registration or sign-up.


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