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November 2009 - create animated gifs online from video or pictures for free

# Create an Animated Gif # Convert Video to Gif # Split an Animated Gif # Resize Image

Watch TV you love, full shows, on demand free on MSN Video Player UK

Watch classic British TV free on MSN Video Player including Peep Show, Young Ones How To Look Good Naked, Hustle and Dr Who."

Tutorom Microsoft Word Tutoroms

à part que le mec zeutote: Didacticiels vidéo pour Word

October 2009

UVic Linguistics Research

Laryngoscopic images of the pharynx and larynx obtained using a Kay Elemetrics Rhino-Laryngeal Stroboscope 9100, halogen light source, Olympus ENF-P3 fibreoptic laryngoscope, Panasonic KS 152 camera, and 28mm wide-angle lens: View from the naso-pharynx adjusted to view the glottis, pyriform recesses, arytenoids, and aryepiglottic folds, as far as possible behind the epiglottis.

Splicd · Get Straight To The Point

by 1 other allows you to isolate an interesting tidbit from a YouTube video and provides you with a link to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Stupeflix - Video production made easy

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turns your pictures, videos, and text into professional videos.

Recordr | Video Communication

Recordr is a way you record yourself live just with a microphone and a web camera, and share it with your friends. By using our bookmarklet, you can also comment with video/audio to a web page you are viewing.

September 2009

ZoomWit Mail

supports high quality Video, Audio, Rich Text and SMS message formats. - Search FREE music downloads! Convert YouTube videos to downloadable mp3s!

Video to MP3 conversion service on the internet! Enter a search term and click "fetch", it couldn't be easier!

Adobe TV

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Adobe product tutorials

YouTube Videos of Elmo, Disney, Barney, Teletubbies

The site was created with the intention to give parents a convenient source of information they can use in order to feel secure when they let their kids to spend time watching videos. Eacg video show age groups

Memeo MadeupMemeories

Customize you video with a personal photo. is an interesting alternative when it comes to creating funny videos with your face. You can actually paste your face on any video and share it with your friends and relatives.

Home - Parleys - - The Next Generation RIA eLearning Platform

The allows registered users to test drive our Next Generation (Beta) eLearning platform.

Savant Link Extractor. Display all links from a page that match your criteria.

Extract all links from a web page, such as images, movies, and more.

ReelClever - Filmmakers Network. Upload your Showreel

ReelClever is a fully featured web based Productivity and Project Management suite for Filmmakers

August 2009

Screenr - Create screencasts and screen recordings the easy way

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Screenr is a web-based tool that lets you create screencasts without installing any software. You just click the record button and your screen activity is recorded along with narration from your microphone. Screenr then publishes your screencast in high-definition Flash format. Screenr makes it easy to share your screencast on Twitter, YouTube or anywhere else on the web. Even iPhone users can view your screencast.