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VoIP by sipgate - Free phone service for your VoIP phone

No monthly charges, no set up fees, no monthly minimum, yet includes landline features like three-way calling and conferencing.

Jumblo | Free calls

phone call, sms PC > phone, phone > phone...are free depending on the coutry

Ring2Skype - Free SkypeIn Service- Have your number around the world for free

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“Ring2Skype is a new free service that allows you to receive phone calls on your Skype from the phone network

Yugma, Free Web Conferencing

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Yugma, Free Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Web Collaboration Service, Free Desktop Sharing, video conferencing, remote control software, net meeting, mac conferencing.


by 9 others is a web-based service that allows users to hold text, voice, and video chats on multiple instant messaging protocols. Currently supported protocols include AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger. The service is free and requires no user-registration or sign-up.



Gizmo – A free phone for your computer

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Gizmo Project uses your internet connection

Evoca - Easily create, organize, share and search voice recordings.

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Now everyone can easily create, organize, share and search voice recordings. Blog sidebar

V4S – Free Web Voice Messaging

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send voice messages from any PC to any Skype contact and a streaming audio message will be heard by the recipient. The difference between Skype Voicemail and V4S? — V4S is Free. V4S can send you email and/or SMS alerts when you get a new message so you’ll know right away when an important message has arrived.

Skype Portal - Jyve

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Find, Meet and Interact with other Skype users. Practice a new language or participate in Interest Groups. Skype Virtual Business card. Plugin to enrich your Skype experience with the web.

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