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November 2009

Hordit - Home

You don't need a separate bookmarking site, photo site, and RSS feed reader. And we don't know of any service that allows you to also save documents, PDFs, notes, and more. And don't get us started on the Research Assistant, Groups, and other advanced functions...

Mailinator - Let Them Eat Spam!

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with RSS! # # # # # # #

October 2009

Syndication options for

Lisppaste can be syndicated in a variety of RSS formats for use with your favorite RSS reader.

September 2009

turn any URL into an RSS feed or email alert

turn any URL into an RSS feed or email alert -

FreeMyFeed - Free Your Feed From Authentication

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Have you ever wanted to view an RSS or ATOM feed in a web based feed reader such as Google Reader or Bloglines, but could not because the feed required user authentication or used an invalid SSL certificate?

Dapper: The Data Mapper

Get any content from the Web - supports many formats Search for existing content feeds and web services

RSS Suggestions Based on Similarity - SuggestRSS

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SuggestRSS will analyze your OPML and suggest new feeds for you.

RSS Best Practices Profile

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This profile contains a set of recommendations for Really Simple Syndication, a web syndication format documented in RSS 2.0 (revision 2.0.10). This is version 1.0 of this document, published Oct. 15, 2007. The current version will always be available at this link. Public comments are welcomed at RSS-Public.

pubsubhubbub - Project Hosting on Google Code

A simple, open, server-to-server web-hook-based pubsub (publish/subscribe) protocol as an extension to Atom and RSS. Parties (servers) speaking the PubSubHubbub protocol can get near-instant notifications (via webhook callbacks) when a topic (feed URL) they're interested in is updated.

Feed Preview

Feed Viewer for Google Chrome


The PostRank data service can be used in many different ways. One example is filtering existing feeds to reduce the quantity of items a feed reader is presented. PostRank helps you engage with information that interests you. Read what matters and learn as much or as little as you want about topics, from every little bit to just the hottest news.

August 2009


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Choose your favorite feeds ... get them on your schedule ... emailed and ready to print.

June 2009

Mloovi RSS Blog Translator (MT)

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Thanks to recent developments over at Planet Google, we now offer 43 languages. The revised list is… Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Farsi (Persian, ‘Iranian’) Filipino Finnish French Galician German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Maltese Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese


mingle all your feeds into one to produce a combined RSS, Atom, JSON and a widget


Tag cloud generator based on a bunch of feeds that you import via an OPML. The cloud is based on frequency and popularity.

May 2009

Mailbeans is a web-based service of email aggregation. You can setup up to 6 mailboxes per user account. Opening your user account is a matter of seconds, and it’s free.

Scoopler: Real-time search

Scoopler is a real-time search engine. We aggregate and organize content being shared on the internet as it happens, like eye-witness reports of breaking news, photos and videos from big events, and links to the hottest memes of the day. We do this by constantly indexing live updates from services including Twitter, Flickr, Digg, Delicious and more. When you search for a topic on Scoopler, we give you the most relevant results, updated in real-time.

April 2009

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