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November 2009

Soba1.1 - a live HTML editor

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just edit the html on the left pane, and you'll see how it rendered on the right pane as you typed.\nIt should be useful when you want to develop such as CSS or JavaScript which need to be tuned litlle by little.\nNote that the html document is automatically stored into a browser's cookie(up to approx.4kb).\nSo you can continue working on the html even after you closed the browser window.

gRaphaël—Charting JavaScript Library

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gRaphaël’s goal is to help you create stunning charts on your website. It is based on Raphaël graphics library.

Raphaël—Vector Graphics JavaScript Library

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Raphaël is a small JavaScript library that should simplify your work with vector graphics on the web. If you want to create your own specific chart or image crop and rotate widget, for example, you can achieve it simply and easily with this library.

TIDE 2.0 beta - Online Javascript Editor Debugger

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TIDE is a Tiny IDE for JavaScript. Its purpose is to write, analyze or debug small JavaScript programs.

overbyte :: Editor [0.1.1 Beta]

# realtime debug It allows developers to write and test code quickly using document.write, alerts or everything else. To view or execute a code, just use CTRL RETURN or click on debug panel (bottom left), result will be displayed on output panel (bottom right) using a dedicated iframe virtual space. # line points Just click one line (number on the left) to mark them # in-place suggest Just click CTRL SPACE or CTRL SHIFT with Opera to view a kind of intelligent code suggest. For example, if You write "Number." on area then use CTRL SPACE You will see every Number dedicated method plus generic Object methods. If You press CTRL SPACE without a dot before area selection, suggest will show You generic or global functions and statements. # quick and simple load and save operations

October 2009


Underscore is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support that you would expect in Prototype.js (or Ruby), but without extending any of the built-in JavaScript objects. It's the tie to go along with jQuery's tux. Collections each, map, reduce, detect, select, reject, all, any, include, invoke, pluck, max, min, sortBy, sortedIndex, toArray, size Arrays first, last, compact, flatten, without, uniq, intersect, zip, indexOf, lastIndexOf Functions bind, bindAll, delay, defer, wrap, compose Objects keys, values, extend, clone, isEqual, isElement, isArray, isFunction, isUndefined Utility noConflict, identity, uniqueId, template

Box2DJS - Physics Engine for JavaScript

Box2DJS is a JavaScript port of Box2D Physics Engine.

September 2009

Updated jQuery Bookmarklet » Learning jQuery - Tips, Techniques, Tutorials

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when you're on a page in which you want to play around with jQuery in the console, just click the bookmarklet.

Better, Stronger, Safer jQuerify Bookmarklet » Learning jQuery - Tips, Techniques, Tutorials

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when you're on a page in which you want to play around with jQuery in the console, just click the bookmarklet.

JSLint, The JavaScript Code Quality Tool

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JSLint takes a JavaScript source and scans it. If it finds a problem, it returns a message describing the problem and an approximate location within the source. The problem is not necessarily a syntax error, although it often is. JSLint looks at some style conventions as well as structural problems. It does not prove that your program is correct. It just provides another set of eyes to help spot problems.

Font Burner

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add new fonts to your website. Font Burner gives you a chunk of code that you will insert into the head of your webpage.


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IxEdit itself is made with JavaScript, and it is an entirely new type of design tool which is to be embedded in the HTML you are editing. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or IE becomes your interaction development environment. The interactions you create will be applied on-the-fly to the web page, so you can edit them while checking how they behave in real time.

arc90 lab

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The lab is a place for us to share our ideas, tools and the occasional experiment in Web technology.

August 2009

Test Swarm: Distributed Continuous Integration for JavaScript

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The primary goal of TestSwarm is to take the complicated, and time-consuming, process of running JavaScript test suites in multiple browsers and to grossly simplify it. It achieves this goal by providing all the tools necessary for creating a continuous integration workflow for your JavaScript project. If you are a casual user of some open source JavaScript libraries and wish to help them generate high-quality test results for their project then TestSwarm is the perfect way to get involved. Right now is open for alpha testing.

Online javascript beautifier

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This beautifier can process your messy or compacted javascript, making it all neatly and consistently formatted and readable. You can always see the latest version of the code in github, and you can download the beautifier for local use (zip, tar.gz) as well.

June 2009

May 2009

April 2009

Rendurr 2.2

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New version - Begin typing and it will render as you type. HTML sandbox with syntax highlighting, css and javascript support

March 2009

Chrome Experiments - Home

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collection of the best JS - visite w/ google chrome

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