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This is, a micro-blogging service with groups, tags, featured and popular - based on the Free Software StatusNet tool.


Publish, Discuss, Socialize. Create your own community. Blogs, Microblogs, Wikis and Forums made easy. And it's free.

Teambox | Project management and collaboration software

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A place for your team. Share messages, tasks and pages. Collaborate freely. For free.



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Welcome to

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Online personal and collaborative desktop: File storage, semi-social Bookmarks, Personal Startpage, Notebook application, Web agent, Messageboard and Instant Messaging

Zoho Chat - make group discussions faster

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Zoho Chat is Web based & so no need to install, configure & upgrade anything. Zoho Chat allows both instant messaging + Group chatting. Group chatting helps people working from different places to stay connected.


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TXTmob is a service that lets you quickly and easily share txt messages with friends, comrades, and total strangers. The format is similar to an email b-board system. You can sign up to send and receive messages from various groups, which are organized around a range of different topics.

AirSet - Shared Online Calendars, Contacts and Lists for your Family, Work and Social Groups

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Share iCal calendars, contacts, lists and more, Manage all your groups, Sync with Outlook and Palm desktop, secure and private, Backup your mobile phone data to our secure website

FOOXX Frontpage

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French, German, Italian and English collaborative search engine with bookmarking, rating and community groups.

MrSapo Search World

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meta search engine: web blogs images video books news shopping music groups


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meta search engine: web images videos books news research music groups

Colib - Your books, music

Colib is your book, music and video collection online.

Zingeeâ„¢ Really Simple Sharing

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Sharing a file to a friend Add their email, drag and drop the file. They download via a browser, no need to register or install.Sharing multiple files to a group Create the group, add in the group members and drag and drop the files into the group.

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