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May 2008

Online motorcycle catalogue describing more than 10.000 bikes and 150 brands.

November 2007


Aggressive tutorials and resources for designers.

Learn Networking

Learn about hardware, programming, networking and security. Howto and tuturials. Visual guides.

October 2007


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Dubstep, Grime, Comment, Culture. :: Index

Worldwide dubstep community.

SUB FM - Where Bass Matters!!!

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Dubstep internet radio station.

Library Hacks

Tips and tools to save you time.

Eurekster Swicki Home

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A swicki is a custom social search portal on the topic of your choice. With every search, vote and click your swicki generates more relevant results and turns into a valuable asset for you and your community.

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Whobar is a tool that allows users to login to a website using InfoCard, OpenID or i-names and makes it all transparent to the web application. Whobar is written in PHP, but works like a proxy, so the web application can be in any language.

iMacros for Firefox - Script your Firefox Web Browser

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The unique tool for Web Automation, Web Testing & Data Extraction.

How to turn your photo into movie-like effect using Photoshop? « ebin

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Cool tutorial to help you learn to create movie/film xprocess like effect on photos.

Watch a documentary or documentaries free online


Facebook App Creator for Bloggers

Business & Small Business

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A site full of information about entrepreneurship for business from small to large.

Internet Archive

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The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.


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- provider of open source data integration software Talend is the first provider of open source data integration software. Our open, innovative and powerful data integration solutions come pre-packaged, so you can install them easily and quickly put them to work for your business. Talend's technology and business vision shatters the traditional proprietary model for data integration solutions. By delivering a full featured data integration platform leveraging Open Source, Talend makes data integration available to all types of organizations – regardless of their size, level of expertise or budgetary constraints.

Develop Asynchronous Web Services with Axis2

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Asynchronous invocations provide a great deal of flexibility for Web services users and for the people who write and host Web services, ultimately helping provide a better overall user experience. This article gives you an overview of different patterns for asynchronous scenarios in Web services and provides insight into how to implement them with Apache Axis2.

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