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11 February 2007


Read 高木直子's stories and drawings online. You'll have a good laugh!


安心日誌 - 這位日記主寫的東西很有安撫人心的能量,多看無妨。

English SBA Frontpage

Find resources about SBA here. Tons of useful materials for leisure and study.

Young Post, SCMP

Read the free online version of Young Post. A good way to learn English and know more about what's going on in the campus.


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More updated than traditional dictionaries, an open-content dictionary

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

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Search for the meanings for words here. Good dictionary with examples and easy-to-understand definitions.


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Search for anything on the web. It's a great source of information!


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I like to search for old TV programmes I enjoyed in the past here (though some may be illegal). Try 'Boy Meets World'. It's really good (x10)!!!!!

Talk to Win

Students talk about a song in a competition, with comments by Tao Kit and famous speeches.

04 February 2007

Wallpaper and Materials for Websites

Very dreamy selection of wallpapers. Takes you back to your childhood days.

Maggie Market

This site is in Chinese. It gives you so much fun! You can read the diary entries, play flash games and download funny MSN emoticons and wallpaper. Go and have a look!

Miss Wong's blog

You can read my blog in English here. I don't update the site every day, but I do it quite often. I hope I can share with you some of my feelings about life and teaching and whatsoever...You're most welcome to post a comment (if you feel like doing so) and perhaps you can start an English blog yourself. Happy blogging!

Free audiobooks

Here you can find the audio books of many different books and the full e-text. Check out the ones you like.

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