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29 May 2006

德國門將卡恩當關 入球無門


17 May 2006

Read/WriteWeb: List of Web 2.0 Lists

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There are a plethora of product lists and data about web 2.0 companies on the Web now, unlike 12-18 months ago when I had to track it all down myself. Of course my job as a researcher and analyst is to go much deeper than the high level product data - I then need to turn it into practical insights, recommendations, knowledge, etc.

Redeye VC: Thoughts on Swap 2.0

It seems that with the emergence of Web 2.0 we now have a rush of companies looking to take up where the others left off. Over the last few months we’ve seen the emergence of Lala, Zunafish, Barterbee along with Further support for Om's argument that Web 2.0 is Web 1.0 all over again. In fact, last week’s New York Times article on Zunafish looks remarkably similar to the one they ran almost six years earlier.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to 650 :: Crossing the Chasm 2.0 :: March :: 2006

Here is the typical web 2.0 launch strategy. . . write a blog, trackback to bunch of A-list bloggers. Get readership, build some credit. Quietly work on your startup on the side. And finally when almost ready, create a landing page to collect emails. Announce on your blog prominently your new project. Build some buzz with a series of posts that reveals more and more. Finally launch. . . get 50K users. . . then. . . nothing! . . . (. . . rinse repeat. . . )

15 May 2006

Scan This Book! - New York Times

When Google announced in December 2004 that it would digitally scan the books of five major research libraries to make their contents searchable, the promise of a universal library was resurrected. Indeed, the explosive rise of the Web, going from nothing to everything in one decade, has encouraged us to believe in the impossible again. Might the long-heralded great library of all knowledge really be within our grasp?

10 May 2006

China sees 60 million bloggers by year's end | CNET

China is the world's second-largest Internet market after the United States with more than 110 million users. A survey by Chinese search engine put the current number of blog, or Web log, sites at 36.82 million which are kept by 16 million people, the official Xinhua news agency said on Saturday. The number of Chinese bloggers is expected to hit 60 million by the end of this year, Xinhua said, quoting a report on China's media industry by the prestigious Tsinghua University.

川仔の生涯策略地圖(生涯 策略 企劃 領導 價值) - Yahoo!奇摩部落格

傳統上班族的想法是,設法進入一家好公司,努力保住飯碗,而自由工作者則採取分散風險的作法,把職涯的風險分散到不同的專案、客戶、技能與消費者,不再把一生幸福完全寄託在一家公司。 為了達成最佳的工作投資組合,對自由工作者而言,建立關係網絡是一項非常重要的技巧與能力,除了努力建立公司內的人際關係網絡之外,還要將關係網延伸到公司以外,努力累積、擴張專業與個人的社會關係網。

08 May 2006

Web::Blogoscope: Google Maps API解説

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先日のほったらかし温泉ではGoogle Maps APIを利用して地図を埋め込んだが(現在は埋め込まずに単純にリンクさせています)、友人知人から「どうやるのか簡単に教えて」という要望がいくつか寄せられた。 公式のドキュメンテーション(Google Maps API Documentation)が公開されているが、設置の際に気づいた点も含めて、導入手順とカスタマイズ方法をまとめてみる。

阿孝札記: 沒錢,也能架設網站、創辦媒體

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我們並不需要統一的網路平台,只要各自用部落格架站,再以RSS程式串連彼此,就可讓網友一次看完所有團隊訊息,達成統一平台的效益。 這正是web2.0時代可愛之處。網路高手開發上千種技術,每種技術專注一項功能,熱門技術更有百家爭鳴、各具特色,人們只要取用一項或多項技術,就可組合成自己想要的媒體,而且可以不花一毛錢。

05 May 2006


Google台灣工程研究所所長簡立峰昨日也表示,軟體服務透過網路來提供的時代已經來臨了,Google也很重視Web 2.0的發展,有很多工具和產品是符合其精神,只是該公司不把Web 2.0拿出來講,是隱身在搜尋引擎後面的服務。

蕃薯藤-新聞-金手指網路廣告獎 揭幕

兩岸網路廣告界的盛事,第七屆金手指網路廣告獎(Click! Awards)即將於即日起接受報名。主辦單位表示,今年最大的特色是新增「最佳部落格平台獎」,同時也讓網友票選「最受歡迎部落格人氣獎」。

星汉’s Blog » 引爆流行:Web2.0的传播理论(案例篇)

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IAB Press Release

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) today released the Internet Advertising Revenue Report including final numbers for Q3, Q4, and full year 2005. The report states that Search, Classifieds, Display, and Rich Media all continue to grow at a healthy rate. Overall internet advertising revenues (U.S.) for 2005 totaled $12.5 billion, a new annual record exceeding 2004 by 30%. Q4 2005 internet advertising revenues totaled a record $3.6 billion, representing a 34% increase over same period in 2004.

BathTubYoga - MySpace vs. Facebook (Or, Why Facebook Needs Artist Pages) - posted Feb. 1, 2006 @ 10:11 AM by Mark

When it comes to social life on the Internet there are two websites that matter: Facebook, with it's 6 million (11 million?) members, and MySpace with its 47 million. Friendster is old news and TagWorld doesn't matter. Which is better? For college students graduating this spring -- should you stick with Facebook or switch to MySpace? For high-school students -- should you switch to the new Facebook highschool-edition, or stick with MySpace? For two websites that essentially do the same thing, it seems like a real comparison is in order.

04 May 2006

便利商店 書籍販賣戰爭


我blog故我在--web 2.0时代的网页设计风格

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web 2.0对站点的设计师提出了新的要求,不是会画photoshop, 拿dreamwaver, frontpage做些html就能出来混的了! 现在会拿着notepad(我更多用editplus:))写css, html代码的那才牛! 这些新趋势,让美工(或者严格说一个纯美工)对一个web站点的影响变得比1.0时代更加不那么重要了。懂更多知识,了解更多系统,注重用户感受的设计者才能是web 2.0页面设计的主导。

Cero’s Weblog » Blog Archive » 体验时代的基本法则

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UI设计不只是给人提供视觉上的享受,真正UI设计的好坏,必须要设定一个任务,从头至尾使用一遍才能知道。 UI的概念是动态的过程,是逻辑的推理,也是各种状况的预测。如果衡量UI设计只有一种标准,那就是用户体验(User Experience). 用户体验是以用户为中心的设计(UCD/User Centered Design)中最重要的一个部分,强调的是过程,是软件对用户行为(User Action)产生的反应与用户期待值的误差测试,也就是说,这种误差越小,也就越符合以用户为中心的设计原则。

太妃糖憂鬱狂歡節│Carol's Carnival: 關於網摘,以及他的一切。




03 May 2006

永遠的真田幸村: 從城邦文化「去死去死團」一書商標權事件看網路鄉民 - powered by Collablog Portal


*KJ在中文維基百科的日子* - Jimmy Wales簽名書競標義賣

義賣品:維基人KaurJmeb的作品--維基百科攻略:知識分享最前線--是華文第一本有關有維基百科的出版品,上有維基百科創辦人Jimmy Wales的親筆簽名。義賣所得將全數捐給2006年中文維基年會所需。 [google]連猴子都會用的3D軟體,google sketchup免費下載

在4月27號(四)的時候由sketchup這家公司宣布被google買下,並且推出二個sketchup版本,一個是sketchup free,一個是sketchup pro 5(普羅五號,聽起來和某提神飲料的名字很像)。 sketchup free的安裝檔大小僅有8m,執行後的介面非常簡單(相較於3D MAX),透過拖拉的方式,可以很簡單的進行模型的建造,重點是官方網站提供非常多的教學內容,還有論壇可以進行討論!(限定pro5版本)

02 May 2006

| Naviblog - Official Website |

Naviblog has just received final confirmation on the date and location for the upcoming Mobile Monday (MoMo) presentation. The presentation date is set for Monday, May 15th, 7 p.m. at KDDI's Designing Studio in Harajuku. The presentation will give a brief on how far Naviblog has come, compare Naviblog to other services, and release hints on groundbreaking Naviblog 2.0, which is to be released later this summer.

29 April 2006





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