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19 December 2005

Introducing V8 - KuraFire Network

A technique that combines the power of JavaScript with the flexibility of CSS to enable designers to create animations without having to know Flash or JavaScript.

15 December 2005

PHP Classes - Class: floGoogle

This class can be used to execute searches in Google and process the search result pages. It can retrieve the recommended search text corrections, the number of results found, and the result entries that match a given URL pattern, title, summary, etc..

14 December 2005

PHP Classes - Class: AJAX File Uploader

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This class can be used to browse files uploaded via Web forms using AJAX methods to send the files without reloading the form page.

13 December 2005

CSS Beauty - SkillShare - My Top 12 CSS Articles/Tricks of 2005 (one for each month)

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Here's a list of articles and tricks that I've archived over the course of the 2005 year...

PHPit - Totally PHP » Creating a “Who’s Online” script with PHP

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In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own "Who's Online" script, which is often found on message boards and other community scripts

12 December 2005

11 December 2005

09 December 2005

Photoshop TV » About Photoshop TV Formerly “Photoshop Radio”

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Get the latest insider Photoshop and digital photography news from the “Photoshop Guys” themselves

06 December 2005

04 December 2005

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The goal of the Subversion project is to build a version control system that is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community.

02 December 2005

Christmas Clipart

Christmas clipart images ready to download and decorate your holiday stationery and websites.

WikiMatrix / Wiki Feature Comparison - Compare them all

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Welcome to the brand new, your number one source to find the Wiki engine that matches your or your company's needs.

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