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14 August 2005

13 August 2005

12 August 2005


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a small utility for Mac OSX that makes screenshots of webpages We Are the Web

Isaac says this is the essence of Social Brain's vision

Can Chinese fans translate Harry Potter?- Danwei

"Harry Potter fans have been collaborating on an online translation of the book from the moment it first came out, posting segments in forums and on message boards across the web. That translation is now complete."

11 August 2005

10 August 2005

周鸿袆:我擅长把一个公司从五个人做到五百人 -

Outgoing Yahoo China CEO talks about why MNC needs to localize their operations and what it means to localize.

草根“豆瓣” -

the brain behind

09 August 2005

08 August 2005

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