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September 2007

How to protect your data forever: the three principles of backup

Protecting your data is vital. This is especially true now, with more and more of our life being stored in electronic format. This article presents the three principles of backup.

August 2007

Desarrollo de los niños: dibujos para colorear

Este artículo proporciona información sobre las habilidades que desarrolla colorear, así como tips y enlaces de utilidad para padres y maestros.

The electrician and the banana

Ahh, working with electricity... a great opportunity for practical jokes!

How to backup your Wordpress blog using Subversion

We all do backups of our Wordpress database... However, this article adds an interesting twist: using Subversion to store the SQL dump file.

9 reasons why you should never pay cash

This article explains why it's better for you to always pay everything with your credit card, if you can have sufficient discipline and self-control.

November 2006

How to protect and organize your private files using TrueCrypt and Subversion

An interesting approach to personal file protection and management, using two very solid pieces of software: TrueCrypt and Subversion.

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