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June 2007

TED: Ideas worth spreading

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Inspired talks by the world's greatest thinkers and doers

April 2007

March 2007

jB5 - The Mobile Web Browser

jB5 - The Mobile Web Browser

October 2006

Fireworks in Javascript

Fireworks.js is a bit of Javascript that creates starburst-type explosions in a web document; in short, it's a fireworks effect someone could theoretically use on their site. And come on, who doesn't want something like that? As far as appropriateness is concerned, this effect could be compared to the dripping-blood-line, skull and fireball animated .GIF images so popular on the web in 1997. Exploding firework animations are hot, the new black, the script equivalent of the blink tag. Mmm, blink tag. Nonetheless, Fireworks has been published here for fun, experimenting a bit with simple trigonometry and math, and those who are perhaps interested in javascript animation, object-oriented code or script-driven sound. It also serves as a dirty browser performance test of sorts, as a large number of elements are dynamically created, moved and destroyed on this page as the script runs.

Smooth Slideshow v2.0

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Using mootools (there is also a moo.fx version available), this javascript slideshow system allows you to have a simple and smooth (cross-fading...) image slideshows and/or showcases on your website.

100% free, online file conversion

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Media-Convert is 100% free. No software is needed, and you don't have to register. You only need your favorite Internet browser. Your files are ready 7/7 days 24/24 hours

Seven examples of YUI panels

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Following are some implementation examples (of increasing complexity) of the YUI panel widget.

September 2006


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Free Fonts


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Create presentations from anywhere, present it remotely. Export it offline - it's simple & free

Dimdim is the Open Source web conferencing company

With Dimdim you can show Presentations, Applications and Desktops to any other person over the internet. You can chat, show your webcam and talk with others in the meeting. More.. Dimdim is an independent software vendor (ISV). Customers install our software on their premises. We are seeking partners to provide hosted Dimdim web conferencing, customizations and associated services.

August 2006


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An Eclipse based Web IDE

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