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May 2006

September 2005

I met him through the Georgia Tech Linux Users Group, LUG

Earl Johannaber

dedicated to education and information exchange.

Barbara Johannaber

A web page for the bead and jewlry company for Earl's Wife.

Bruce is a friend of mine that has an extraordinary talent to do all sorts of graphics and printing jobs at a fraction of the cost that I might expect from other places.


This is a great site that Leo Laporte has kept up for his fans. Inc. is an Internet service that hosts and sells online courses for schools and individual instructors

[email protected] (yes SPAME, I messed up) ... I drive it and it's pink... Georgia for Democracy needs you! Sign up today to help register, educate and empower Georgia's voters. Don't get mad, get busy!

Clark Howard's Rolodex. This is a great place to start looking for Cheap Stuff.

Learn about each election by downloading a candidates issues brochure, reading campaign announcement and acceptance speeches, viewing, campaign logos, and analyzing popular vote and electoral college data