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03 July 2006 09:00

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Mobilicio.us是de.licio.us社会性在线书签通过Google Mobile实现的杂交移动版,

Gravee - Social Search. Personalized results based on your bookmarks, tags, voting, and the activity of other users with similar interests.

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Gravee is a community-powered, social search engine that personalizes results according to users' interests based on bookmarks, tags, relevance voting, and the activity of other users with similar interests (in addition to our own proprietary relevance al

03 July 2006 06:00 - web page thumbnails in result page


khtml2png - Make screenshots from webpages

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Welcome to khtml2png khtml2png is a command line program to create screenshots of webpages. It uses libkhtml (the library that is used in the KDE webbrowser Konqueror) and "convert" from the ImageMagick graphic conversion toolkit (only in khtml2png 2.x).

Thumblicious: see the sites - viewing popular

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03 July 2006 03:00

03 July 2006 02:00

Web 2.0 | | CNET

CNET关注的最新Web 2.0在线产品介绍。

Deal management, sales tool, sales pipeline management and organization software - Pipeline

Easily Track All Your Deals & Prospects. Get Your Sales Team Organized. Manage your deals and prospects in simple easy to use notebook format. Organize your files, notes, people, documents, and everything else you can think of for your prospects and deals

03 July 2006 01:00


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02 July 2006 22:00

by 1 other allows users of the site to find other users with similar interests by comparing links they have in common. 想法很好,可惜从05年2月后就没有完善。。。期待ing tag search {}

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这个功能没有什么特别的完全是利用delicious自身的tag数据偶合归并的方法。 This form allows you to look up links that are tagged with one or more subjects. Example: entering art and design brings you to the url http:/

l0b0land -

这是一个tag归并搜索工具,在delicious的tag快速跳转中,可以跳转到自己的一个tag分类中查看,也可以用+连接多个tag并显示出这些tag的偶合link。而filterous确实是一个filter可以按照你的tag要求and o

02 July 2006 21:00 :: FOAFlicious

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FOAFlicious is an application for generating a FOAF file from your inbox. FOAFlicious is down whilst it converts to' new "network" feature. 这是一个值得期待的网站,它希望通过"Friend Of A Friend"理念,挖掘deli 1.0 - Free online bookmarks with so much more...

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Simpy - tagging, social bookmarking and personal search engine

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是被大家公认的delicious最好的备份工具,因为它接收第三方的数据。目前只能接收 Google AdSense 的数据。

Durl, an RSS feed for URL queries

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02 July 2006 20:00 tag stemmer

by 15 others tag stemmer 这是一个检查你的tag是否相似的工具。利用的是词干算法。

02 July 2006 07:00 popular sites

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Absolutely Tools Collection « Quick Online Tips

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这绝对是 Tools宝典,从05年2月开始一直在更新。有了它你可以轻松的找到Del.icio.us的扩展工具。

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