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22 May 2006

20 May 2006

MySpace Code to Turn Links Into Active Buttons

CSS Style Sheet to turn links into 3D buttons.

19 May 2006

AJAX-Enabled MySpace Layout Customization Test Bed's MySpace AJAX-Enabled Layout Customization Test Bed

16 May 2006

Philips Bodygroom - Funny

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom all-in-one system to shave and trim body hair.

14 May 2006

09 May 2006

08 May 2006

Thai Bugs Animated GIF Set (from

Thai Bugs Animated GIF Set (from

06 May 2006

04 May 2006

Animal Animated GIFs

You may embed these GIFs directly in your web site. You may also use them in your MySpace profiles, comments, etc. Feel free to download these, modify them in any way, and re-use them.

YouTube - Baby Gorillas Playing

These are the cutest baby gorillas, and the *never* run out of energy.

Yawning Baby Hippo

This baby hippopotamus can't stop yawning. She yawns three times in this video.

30 April 2006

29 April 2006

Blogs by Iranians

Blogs by Iranians living within Iran

The Traffic You Send Shows Ads with Your Google Adsense ID

The Traffic You Send Shows Ads with Your Google Adsense ID

27 April 2006

Best Hollywood Online Magazines, Rags, and Blogs

Best Hollywood and Celebrity Online Magazines, Rags, and Blogs

26 April 2006

ProgrammableWeb API Detail: TagTooga

ProgrammableWeb API Detail: TagTooga

25 April 2006

Survivor Maps

Detailed geographical maps of each Survivor Series reality-TV episode. Shows locations of each tribe's camp, location of challenges, production camps, etc.

24 April 2006

19 April 2006

Kid Safe Video

Animal, science, and fun videos for young children. The site contains no advertising and no links to external sites.

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