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14 October 2006

PayPal Available in Indonesia

PayPal now available in Indonesia! This is a good news for Indonesian to use PayPal for their online transaction.

10 October 2006

Free E-mail Icon Generator

You can keep your email address safe on the web using an image file that show your email address.

07 October 2006

Explorer Destroyer on WordPress

Explorer Destroyer is javascript that sits above your regular html on a webpage. When an IE user visits the site, the script will display a block of HTML encouraging them to switch to Firefox.

ionCube PHP on Debian

This is a little guide to install ionCube on Debian Linux.

Gaim 2.0 Beta on Ubuntu Dapper

The beta release of Gaim 2.0 has been made available to download from Sourceforge. Here is a little guide how to install Gaim 2.0 Beta into your Ubuntu Dapper.

How to view CHM files on Ubuntu Dapper

There are many computer books come with CHM format. I like the ability to read these files under my Ubuntu Dapper.

19 September 2006

Ultimate Ubuntu Dapper Look Like OSX

by 3 others
This is a tutorial to make Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 look like OSX.

17 September 2006

16 September 2006

15 September 2006

13 September 2006

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25 August 2006

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