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10 April 2007

Nintendo reports 762 million dollars lost in illegal game copies

Nintendo just released an official statement that explains how pirate copies of games affect the market & hurst the gaming companies.

09 April 2007

The Simpsons Game

Simpsons fans, be prepared! After playing way too much of Simpsons, Hit & Run, be ready for a new Simpsons game, released on November 2007.

Personal trainer uses Wii for workout

Like everyone that played on the Nintendo Wii already knows, playing a lot of Wii Sports games makes you sweat since you have to move to play the games.

World of Warcraft goes professionnal

It’s official, World of Warcraft, with its millions of players, just entered in the world of professionnal online sports, with Quake 4, Counter Strike & Guitar Hero.

08 April 2007

Two powerfull features of the playstation 3

I think that 2 powerfull features has been forgotten on the Playstation... The first one beeing the ability to ...

Nintendo reveals strong planning for 2007's second quarter

Nintendo release more than 80 new titles in the second quarter of 2007...

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