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20 May 2008

19 May 2008

Welcome To codedread

How many times have you told a friend or colleague "Go to and search for XXXX" ? I do it a lot actually. In fact, this becomes increasingly important as the mobile web accelerates and small screens with harder-to-use keyboards

veader, the codemonky - Endless Pages

Endless Pages Having heard a blurb on an endless page plugin on the RailsEnvy podcast, I decided to check it out. I wasn’t happy with how the plugin worked, so I whipped up something similar.

18 May 2008

Demand OpenID!

Demand OpenID support from websites you sign in to every day, using a simple bookmarklet. It's an easy, and active way to spread OpenID.

Google Doctype - Google Code

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Google Doctype is an open encyclopedia and reference library. Written by web developers, for web developers. It includes articles on web security, JavaScript DOM manipulation, CSS tips and tricks, and more. The reference section includes a growing library

google-documentation-reader - google-documentation-reader - Google Code

Reading web-based developer documentation is different than browsing typical web pages. As a developer, you probably refer to key technical doc many times per day, and you want it well-organized, easy to navigate, and -- above all -- fast. We feel the sam

mail-trends - Google Code

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Mail Trends lets you analyze and visualize your email (as extracted from an IMAP server). You can see: * Distribution of messages by year, month, day, day of week and time of day * Distribution of messages by size and your top 40 largest messa

17 May 2008

16 May 2008

rubyspec in MRI!

MSPEC_GIT_URL=git:// RUBYSPEC_GIT_URL=git:// update-rubyspec: if [ -d $(srcdir)/rubyspec ]; then \ cd $(srcdir)/rubyspec/mspec; \ git pull; \ cd ../spec/rubyspec; \ git pull;

15 May 2008

14 May 2008

Christopher Blizzard » Blog Archive » the hidden value of processing.js

So the world is changing. And changing quickly. The web is going to win, filling the market niche where Flash and other similar technologies found their hold. And John’s little project can hopefully act as a great catalyst to take us there. Thanks, John

Headius: RubySpec: Bringing Ruby Test Suites Together

So what are you waiting for? Contact Brian Ford and get access to the specs (perhaps after paying a one-patch toll)...have a look at the JRuby test repository...pick a file, and start comparing. Tell your friends, email your favorite Ruby list, blog and r

Plugins - Endless page - Agile Web Development

User opens webpage if he want to see some information. He doesn’t need paging. He doesn’t need to remember page where he have found needed info few months ago. Few words about way it works: When user opens web page in the background JavaScript time

The vanishing design

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One of the ideas I had for the past few months is writing some JavaScript that would access the stylesheets for the page (via the DOM) and toggle style rules one by one. I never got around to doing that, until I saw Matthew Buchanan beat me to it. With a

13 May 2008

Session variables without cookies

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I make use of the fact that you can set the property through JavaScript – this is a property originally intended for naming windows and frames so that the you might address them by name in your scripts. In order not to interfere with this us

an IRC client in 40 lines of shell script

So I wrote my own IRC client in shell.

Getting Started with awk

This qref is written for a semi-knowledgable UNIX user who has just come up against a problem and has been advised to use awk to solve it. Perhaps one of the examples can be quickly modified for immediate use.

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