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June 2009

What to Do When Toothpaste Alone Is Not Enough

by 2 others
No matter how much you think daily routine of brushing your teeth is clean enough, the truth is; at some point, you will realize that using just normal toothpaste for your dental hygiene may not be effective enough to contribute to a bright, fresh smil...

May 2009

Acai Benefits

by 2 others
The Benefits of Acai Berry Speaking of acai berry in terms of nutrients, you will be surprised to see how amazing acai berry could be, with a lot of impressive benefit towards human health. Being known as "Super Berry" or "Viagra da Amaz...

Power Colon Cleans Trial

by 2 others
- Breakup and remove toxins in your body. - Raise your energy level. - Decrease gas and bloating - Flatten your stomach - Look and feel better

Types of Acne

There are various types of acne found on many parts of the bodies. Some of them are mild and can be self-treated, while some of them are so severe that go seeing dermatologists is highly suggested. The most common type of acne is called "acne vulg...

How do you write an application for a gov. grant and where to send?

Richard Z asked: mostly interested in home and small business.thank’s

What is the difference between the Adkins diet and the South Beach diet?

buisymom asked: I need to start a diet and don’t know which way to go. Adkins has been successful in the past, but I love skim milk and fruit and I believe that you can have those on the South Beach diet. Can anyone give me information on this s...

How to contact small business loan department of a bank to sell them online advertisement?

happyceo asked: My online business provides a steady stream of companies looking for business capital and business loans. I want to contact the small business loan department of a bank, such as Bank of America, Capital One, American Express, and sell ...

April 2009

Acai Energy Spray

by 2 others
- Flush out excess pounds - Boost metabolism & energy levels - Lose weight & purify your system - Eliminate harmful waste & toxins - Reduce constipacion & bloating

Goji Berry Pure International

by 2 others
Look Slim & Feel Young with the Tibetan Superfood Today. - Lose weight - Help you feel younger - Support Women’s and Men’s health - Support the immune system - promote overall energy and stamina - Neutralize free radical damage - Taste ...

How do I start a small business and then make it big?

pupzbuie asked: I have an idea that can cstart from home but I wanna have a store soon after. But my main question is how do I start a small business the right but fast way?

Poetry this for real? Please help?

Let’s go.>>ĞŔĔĔN asked: I was in a stage a while back of entering online (free) poetry contests. Most of them have proved to be scams including:, and etc…But today I just received an email from a contest I don’t reca...

What is the best free music and movies downloader for macbooks?

alekona89 asked: right now I have limewire for my mac to download free music. Is there anything better than that that downloads free music and movies? (for a mac)

What's a good way to sell random stuff if other than yard/garage sales?

lollergag asked: I’ve already donated the lesser stuff to Goodwill, so I’m trying to make a little money off the good condition stuff. We moved to an apt. complex so outside public sales are out of the question. Don’t like eBay, and...

Is there something I can spray on my plants and soil to keep squirrels from digging around them?

tealorange asked: The sqirrels are mini-terrorists in my garden, so I put my plants into containers and they still dig around them. My neighbor gives them peanuts and they come to my plantings to bury them. Would ammonia or something like that work?

How do you add a movie to the new Creative Zen Micro 8GB?

MJ asked: Every time i try to transpher a movie with copy and paste it says that the format is not right. It then take days to actually convert to the right format and i don’t want to wait that long.Can anyone help me?

March 2009

is far cry 2 a sand box game?

Police asked: in far cry 2 after you complete all missions will you be able to roam around to collect collectables like a sandbox game, or does it has an ending

what would you do in this situation as a case manager?

lele asked: You are a case manager in a community mental health center. Many of your clients are homeless and have either mental disorders or substance abuse and health problems. Health problems in the homeless are exacerbated by their homeless statu...

Migraine home remedies?

Kelly S asked: I have migraines, and take a medicine for them when I get them. Sometimes though, just taking the medicine and laying down in the dark just dont cut it. Other than that do you have any other helpful tips? Also, what seems to most freque...

why did i throw up and faint on a low calorie diet?

nameless asked: i was on a 3 day fruit and veg detox and on the 3rd morning i woke up feeling hot, with a racing heartbeat and after about 30 mins i threw up. 1st was all fruit, 2nd day all veg. also once when i was fasting (for religious reasons) i f...

Is there free software for uploading files to a Nokia 6315i mp3 phone via usb?

Azoth asked: I have a Nokia 6315i mp3 phone, but verizon requires a subscription to napster in order to upload files to the phone via a usb cable. Is there any free software that will do this? I really dont want to have to pay for Napster.

PLEASE HELP ME! To do with WW1 poetry?

-Sandy+ asked: I have to find 6 war poems to annonate and then write how it impacts me. I really dont understand poetry and its all black and white to me. Do you have any good ww1 poems that are easy to annonate(like have lots of similes, alliteration...

Medicine or pharmacy?

Shahad E asked: I graduated from high school with a UAI of 98 in 2007 and i am currently studying second year pharmacy. My parents and older brother are doctors and they keep trying to persuade me to transfer into medicine school. I am not sure whethe...

Why do Kids in the South start school earlier and kids in the north start school later?

Z asked: Some kids start school this week, some in the next in the south, and nothern kids start about 2-4 weeks away. Why do they start later?

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