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December 2008

The Acid Sweat Lodge

the inception of the acid sweat lodge. "Organized for the increase and dissemination of outsider knowledge"

August 2008

February 2008

The Comedy of Original Johnny

Bad comedy. He's the only one who thinks its funny. As seen on the apollo theatre.

Ted Stevens, Actor

Internet home of actor Ted Stevens creator of the "I'm an actor series"

The Acid Sweat Lodge

get wasted and discuss the universe

July 2007

The Work of FIGHTING

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Niall Mcclelland and Lukas Geronimas. Stunning Drawings and Design.

The Artistic Works of Anthony Schrag

Born in continental Africa, Anthony Schrag studied writing in British Columbia, becoming an acclaimed poetry author, then abruptly turned his talents towards visual arts studying at both the Emily Carr Institute and the Glasgow school of art. Having built a critically acclaimed body work, which has been showcased around the world, from mainland china to the galleries of western Europe.

June 2007

Benetti Photo

The photographic works of the legendary Benetti. Portraiture, Fashions, documentary works.

January 2007


the official website of the Robosexuals.

Purpose Magazine

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web based photography magazine from Paris featuring international contributors.

Coconut Dreams Productions

Talent Agency representing the best of the best!

Johnny Karate. Martial Arts Champion!

Trained somewhere in the jungle, Johnny Karate will destroy you with his awesome karate force...and his broom stick.

The Notes From Underground

critically acclaimed indie rock band from vancouver. Featuring former members of Flash Bastard.


myspace page of stadium party band ROCK'N originally from Cincinnati Ohio.

Tiny Vices

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online gallery of photography and art curated by Tim Barber. Stunning work.

Colleen Heslin Photo Albums

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photography by artist/photographer Colleen Heslin

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