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February 2006

December 2005

Silver Star Mountain

The figure you see could be a sasquatch

November 2005

OSCON 2005 Keynote - Identity 2.0

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Why we need a new identification system for Web 2.0 and what this "Identity 2.0" should be able to do

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Why do People Carry Mobile Phones?

Why do people carry phones? Why do people carry what they carry? And if we can understand why, how can we use this knowledge in the design of future products, applications and services?

JS/UIX - Terminal

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JS/UIX is an UN*X-like OS for standard web-browsers, written entirely in JavaScript (no plug-ins used). It comprises a vir- tual machine, shell, virtual file-system, process-management, and brings its own terminal with screen- and keyboard-mapping.

Cafe Mana

Beautiful website!


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Personalised t-shirts

Comparison of wiki software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Comparing general and technical information for a number of wiki software packages

The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation

Abraham Lincoln meets Microsoft Office

October 2005 - Olympic visitors to get Chinese-speaking phone

Chinese services company Capinfo has made a Motorola flip-phone speak Chinese for visitors to the 2008 Beijing Olympics ... a somewhat Star Trek like experience

More secure signatures

IBM is working on a system using dynamic signature verification as a biometric authentication of the purchaser and to reduce fraud at point of sales counters. The system, dubbed Sign and Go, checks your signature by comparing it to several previously recorded samples and analyzing the speed and the movements of your hand when you sign on a digital pad.

[ DreamHost : Shared Hosting : Plan Comparison ]

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"4800MB of disk storage for as little as $7.95 per month!"

Lab Overview

The Uber-Geek Lab Overview

One-minute vacation

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Surely you can spare a minute to clean your ears? Take a one-minute vacation from the life you are living.


Apartment accommodation in Barcelona. Daily, weekly or monthly rentals.

September 2005

Guardian Unlimited Technology | Technology | Meet the man who can bring order to your universe

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Time management guru David Allen has established a cult following. Devotees of his Getting Things Done manifesto claim it has the power to change lives. Ben Hammersley is a believer

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