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Right To Blog! posted in Blogging on Slotvent

At what point did we become controlled as blog writers? Where did all the fun of blogging end and all this rubbish begin? Lately I have been looking at a few other blogs on the internet and to be honest all noticed was blogs all writing the same rubbish.

Poll Of The Week posted in Polls on Slotvent

Following my recent rant about what people write in there blogs im actually curious about the people that read them. I have added a poll to the bottom of this post in order to find out your favorite kind of site.

Thorpe Park How Its Changed

Oh how things have changed since the last time i went to Thorpe Park. The last time i went i remember it being so much fun to be there, surounded by people having all the fun they could and not a sad person in sight. Now, its all completly different.

Bio Mechanical

Biomechanical tattoos, also known as Bio-Mech is a style of tattooing portraying live robots or robotics. The human body intertwined with robotic parts. Living tissue meshed with machinery, wires, gears etc.. The most popular artist of whom has made this style of tattooing more popular, is illustrator H.R. Giger, of whom designed the creatures from the Alien movies.

How Easy Is It To Ride A Bike

We have all been there at some point in our lives, but do you remember when you learned to ride a bike? Today was little Aflies go to have that crack at learning to ride a bike.

Adbrite Advertising, Is It For You

signing up for an account is fairly easy and painless, they ask you the standard typical questions like name address, payee tax information, and so on.

Rude Place Names

What happens when bored morons get hold of a geographical database? This. One afternoon a bunch of friends produced this reasonably complete list of rude place names, ranging from the innocuous innuendo straight through to words that... err. They're just words, dammit. It may amuse you for upwards of three ...

Snow In Reading

You have probably read this else where already, but i decided to write about it anyway. We had Snow. Now normally this is an exciting time for anyone that doesn't need to drive, walk or be anywhere in the snow, but as always we were different on snow day


Not the biggest forum ever

The fastest growing general forum on the web! A forum about nothing! For when you just need somewhere to come, generally speaking of course!


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