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January 2008

Who Is A Jerk? Random Insult Generator

Here you can insult people you know or hate. Just send them a link (you can send out as a free anonymous ecard with a personalized hate message) to a URL/domain with their name in it (like for example). Grab the "copy & paste" HTML codes so you can add the animated insulter to your blog or websites. Try it out, you won't be the first or last! Give someone you hate a free URL with their name in it (anonymously send as ecard)! When they visit the link, they will be hammered with random insults! Email your victims with our anonymous emailer! It's called an Aninote. Aninotes are musical animations that are customized to display the name of the recipient in the animation. Customized Aninotes will allow additional content to be modified for the recipient. Another important feature of an Aninote is that the web address for the Aninote (e.g. contains a summary of the overall message contained in the Aninote.

Scrapbook Generator, The Web 2.0 Scrapbooker For Free Online Digital Scrapbooking

Here at (a web based scrapbooker, make scrapbooks online), anyone (newbies, professionals, kids, students, grandmas) can now do their own scrapbooking projects right here online without installing any software (you do not even need photo editing applications like Photoshop) or paying any fees (it's free). This site can save you hundreds of dollars as their is no expensive scrapping tools needed, no messy adhesives, no real physical labor, no costly expenses for premade fancy stickers/embellishments, no cost for art supplies, save your money for life expenses! You can even do your scrapbooking while at the office, at school or even at the local library. You upload photographs directly from your digital camera (USB, file limit size is 1MB/1024KB and you can upload/import standard image files of the types JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF), you can import any image from free hosting sites (like or use an image search engine (like Google's) to find graphics and free clipart. Once you have uploaded your photograph and picked out a scrapbook layout, you can use the other image generator tools to add more features (exampe: add multiple text messages, add props, frames, etc). This site is 100% free to use (you can print your creations with cheap home printers, download them to use in PDF/PPT/SWF/DOC projects, or email as free ecards), sponsor ads and random donations pay the bills!

Photo Tricks ( - Upload A Photograph And Mashup

Add special effects, frames, borders, 3D WordArt, embellishments (people, props and extras), photocards, free online digital scrapbooking and hundreds of fun picture templates (layouts like parody magazines, snow globes, Iphones/gadgets, sports cards, portable media players, TV sets, newscasts, book covers, cameras, space/planets, sport stadium signs, Goodyear blimp, etc) to your photographs! Over 500 free photo templates and special effects that you can combine for thousands of styles. Make it look like you had your picture taken with a famous celeb or add some fun photo props to spice up your photographs. Give yourself an award (upload your photo, add award props like Emmy and Oscar awards) or just add a silly hat to your photographs. Make your images fun for scrapbooks and other craft projects (good enough quality to print on home printers). Touch up those boring photos before you email copies to family members. Add frames around pictures and border themes to add some photo realistic life to them. Create custom cartoon captions for all you photos!

Fake Magazine Cover Generator, Create Fake Magazine Covers Online With Your Photo

Ever wanted to see your face of the cover of a popular magazine? Well now you can @ which allows you to be the cover girl or muscle guy on almost any known magazines! Once you've uploaded a digital photograph, you will have many more choices for personalized mashups too (add frames, borders, comic captions, people/props/embellishments, WordArt, scrapbooking, photo cards, image editor, etc), over 500 fun templates and effects that can be combined for thousands of styles.

July 2007

Make Your Own Free Logo Online, DIY Logos

Make free logos online! Simply choose a special font effect, type in your text message and then hit the create logo button! Over 500 sepcial effects (3D to chrome metal) offered to increase possibilities of matching the look and feel of your site/blog. How much easier could it be? If you are new to Photoshop (and other bloated software), you will find there is a large learning curve (schools have 3 month long courses, it takes time to learn), you will find it much quicker to design a quick fancy font label or logo here.

Web 2.0 Button Maker

A Web 2.0 button making application, create buttons online for free! Edit the text in the button graphics, make button links and clickable graphics from here.

Sign Generator Of Bethlehem Motel Signage

Make a religious (or sacriligious) statement on the sign where Jesus Christ was born! Switch around the letters in this sign generator to suit your needs. You can edit the text in the sign, try it now!

Jessica Simpson Sign Generator

Jessica is holding a sign that you can change around the letters to suit your messaging needs, Send as a free ecard or download your image!

Smiley Face Text To Graphic Generator Widgets

Create customized smileys (smiley face sign generator and comic style clipart) with your message embedded in the smilies! Make free custom and personalized smiley faces online (no signup, no installs, no cost). Choose the type of smilie image generator to use (animated smiley sign generator, comic strip style cartoon maker, and others), select font styling (comic is best) and enter your personalized message! Create your own customized smilies that are perfect for forums, myspace and your own websites! Send your own personalized smilies to friends.

Online Holy Bible & Study Search Engine

Read the Holy Bible (Old and New Testament) online or listen to each chapter (MP3 PODcast)! We have the most advanced Bible search engine on the internet (great for Bible study). You can even compare a verse with other Bible translations or translate to another language! *Look up all you favorite passages and even quote on them. We are starting a online community for religious people to comment on the scriptures (individual passage blog). Share your thoughts on what the scriptures are telling us. This Web 2.0 (online) Bible program has had plenty of reflecting put into it.*

September 2006

Online Glitter Generator And Animated GIF Logo Maker

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Glitter Maker is a free online glitter graphic web application where you can quickly and easily generate free glitter graphics (animated sparkle text with yur own words)! Make your own "sparklies"! He have made an online Glitter Generator! You can choose

Hollywood Famous Star Image Generator

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Make your own famous Hollywood sidewalk star in cement (the bronze star-plaques, embedded in pink & charcoal terrazzo squares on the world's most famous sidewalk: the Hollywood Walk of Fame)! These renowned sidewalk "stars" salute the celebrities who made

Sign Generator List

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I love trying out new online applications to share my fun creations, here's a neat one called SQUIDOO (share bookmarks, blogs, RSS feeds, tags, etc).

August 2006

Prescription Drug Generator

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Make your own med scripts like: "500X30MG Xanex For relief of stress caused at work place Take 1 pill hourly" for fun and parody only (don't take to the pharmacy as you may get in trouble).

Top Secret Documents Image Generator

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GOVERNMENT TOP SECRET PAGES You are not allowed to even look at this image You will be hunted down and killed if you have read any of this Please report your self to the local police station immediately to give a full confession

Bullet With Your Name Image Generator, Enemy name here

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Put your name or custom text on a image of some bullets. Be careful with this image making toy, if you put say Bush's nake on a bullet you could get in trouble.

Interactive Flash Image Generators, Put Your Words In Macromedia Flash Movies

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Here you will find "sign generators" (write your own words to images) that use Macromedia Flash technology (need Flash player, 80% of computers already have this installed). You can "hot link" (display the generated image on your site/blog without having

Make Your Own Sign Generator! Your Text On An Any Image You Choose. Stamp, Mark And Tag The World Around You.

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Import your images so you can place custom text on them. Add a cartoon bubble effect with your text too (caption any photo)! Ever hear of a "sign generator" before? Well now you can make your own (free short URL available).

July 2006

Desktop Wallpaper Generator, Make Wallpapers Online

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Now you can make a reminder note that sits right on your desktop with this image generator! You can leave a funny message on the desktop of public computers (leave a joke at the library, leave a prank message for a friend, remind a loved one of a chore

June 2006 - RSS Button Generator - Hundreds Of Fonts & Colors To Use

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Make your own RSS Buttons RSS button for FREE! Pick some colors, enter some text, and you'll get a button you can download for your site. Check with your blogging provider for information on how to upload the image to your site after you save it. Currentl

Windows Blue Screen (of Death) Error Message Generator

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Customize the text on your own Micrososft Windows blue screen of death window, make your own funny error messages and send them to your friends as gag/prank ecards!

May 2006

Nigerian Scam Sign Generator

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Many Nigerian scammers are using a technique where they will write what ever phrase on a cardboard sign to some how prove who they are (maybe they provide a fake ID with a related photo of themselves) and that you are really talking to them. You tell them

Yahoo! Sign Generator Group

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Join this group and help us track down all the sign geneartors (dynamic text to image makers) that are out there or promote your own sign generator creations!

Proxyify Your URL VIA Subdomain

by 1 other is a sample, gives a unique and neat subdomain structure to the URL, change the to your own web address of choice and the page dynamically loads through a proxy! No form , why you must manually mess wit

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