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02 February 2006

What the toot is happening here?

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web 2.0 finds arabia. :)

Iroquois Joomla Template Preview Page - Home

Heaven help me, this is a template but i love it all the same.

NetSquared | A project of TechSoup

Like the rounded edges, and watermelon colors. this site is also interesting to me because it is built using drupal, a system i'm comparing against others for content management. My main concern was how flexible the design process could be, and it seems as flexible as i'd want. :)

01 February 2006

HarveyBrothers - Joomla and Mambo Specialists

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New media company, i love the clean, spacious image and layout is clean but clear.

31 January 2006

Welcome to EVOK Interactive

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clean, crystal, xbox feel. love the little icons for date, email, rss, and the ever popular speech ballons (see what i mean about speech ballons?) I like the 3 row approach, too.

Mystickal Incense & More Blog

standard two colum design made special. A fixed background and extended drop shadows (love the little extended character appearing to "hang" over the sides) and lots of slants and curves against the grid in the blog titles and page banner make this design a bit special.

Portfólio || Plasma Design

Lovely orange, retro, slightly "for print" look. Love the speech balloon (have you noticed speech balloons are the new web 2 design trend, it seems??) and the "folded" faux 3d effect makes good use of a fluid css layout quirk that will give a fold whether you want it or not.

Peter Dorsi » Video Games

a nice personalised version of a pretty standard layout. SHows what a great header, some imaginative designs around a top navigation bar, one killer baclground and ca good olor scheme can do.

Matt Brett

lovely gothic punk design, and i like his layout for blog posts. the whole site is beautifully done and with a great rocker/geek logo to boot ;)

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