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23 April 2007

Petition Against Alexa’s Statsaholic Lawsuit

Alexa is suing Ron Hornbaker, the independent developer of Statsaholic, a popular service that allowed you to compare different sites based on their Alexa rankings. Damages may amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, essentially “suing him into obli

16 April 2007

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Zope is an open source application server for building content management systems, intranets, portals, and custom applications. The Zope community consists of hundreds of companies and thousands of developers all over the world, working on building the pl

Plum: Welcome to Plum

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“'Plumming' a page is akin to cutting out a newspaper story and always having it at hand for future reference.”

The Hyperwords Project

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Welcome to Hyperwords where the goal is to unlock the interactive potential of all digital text, not just links. Interact with the web in a more powerful way: Simply select any word and choose a command: References, search, email, conversion, translati

05 April 2007

30 March 2007

29 March 2007

16 March 2007

15 March 2007

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