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March 2007

Zoji-la: Scientists find palm fossils in Ladakh

Scientists find palm fossils in Ladakh New Delhi, March 27 (PTI): The frozen deserts of Ladakh once had a coastal environment millions of years ago with palm trees dotting its landscape and scientists have discovered yet another evidence of it in the f

January 2007

Himalaya mega-quakes likely every 1000 years - earth - 09 November 2006 - New Scientist

A colossal reservoir of energy stored up under the Tibetan plateau has been discovered – and it can only be fully released by mega-earthquakes striking about every 1000 years, researchers have found.

Plate Tectonics : Earthview

ntroduction In the Beginning The Tectonic Plates Mount St. Helen How Plates Move Plate Boundaries A Changing Earth Pangaea - All Lands Mid-Ocean Ridges An Ocean is Born The Birth of an Island Mountain Ranges Subduction Zones Island Arcs The

Magnetic Reversals and Moving Continents

Instruments can measure the magnetization of basalt. Therefore, if a volcano has produced many lava flows over a past period, scientists can analyze the magnetizations of the various flows and from them get an idea on how the direction of the local Ea

Welcome to the British Geological Survey (BGS) website

As a public sector organisation we are responsible for advising the UK government on all aspects of geoscience as well as providing impartial geological advice to industry, academia and the public. The BGS is a component organisation of the Natural Enviro

Tectonics Links

This site is designed to be a starting point for looking up information related to tectonics. It was created as a result of a project in GEOL 605, Global Tectonics, taught by Eric Nelson and Warren Hamilton. Happy Hunting!

Plate Tectonics, the Cause of Earthquakes

The plates consist of an outer layer of the Earth, the lithosphere, which is cool enough to behave as a more or less rigid shell. Occasionally the hot asthenosphere of the Earth finds a weak place in the lithosphere to rise buoyantly as a plume, or hotspo

Plate tectonics animations

These animations were originally produced for the US Geological Survey video Secrets in Stone. They have been converted to animated gifs for web display. You may use these animations for any educational purpose, we simply request that you cite the US Geol

A Science Odyssey: You Try It: Plate Tectonics

Even though the theory of continental drift was proposed in 1912 by Alfred Wegener, the idea of moving continents wasn't generally accepted until the early 1960s. That's when Wegener's theory was resurrected by Harry Hess, Robert Dietz, Fred Vine, and Dru

Vue d'en Haut | GeoBlog

The Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco formed as a result of the collision of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates about 80 million years ago, resulting in the destruction of the Tethys Ocean. The limestone, sandstone, claystone and gypsum layers that fo

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