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September 2007

March 2007

Ramblings and Other Things: Book of Kells

You may have heard of the Book of Kells. You may have seen pics of some pages. It is truly an inspiring piece of work that I find difficult to describe. According to, it is: "an ornately illustrated manuscript, produced by Celtic monks aroun

February 2007 Website

TRACES is a non-profit educational organization created to gather, preserve and present stories of people from the Midwest and Germany or Austria who encountered each other during World War II. Many of these stories have lain beneath the dust left in the

Paperclip Scientists

Near the conclusion of the war, German scientists began considering which side to surrender to. The majority chose not to surrender to the Red Army and instead placed themselves in the hands of the Americans and the British. Dr. Wehrner von Braun was amon

V2ROCKET.COM - Mittelwerk / DORA

The Mittelwerk/Mittelbau/Camp Dora Mittelbau GmbH - Mittelbau KZ Written for The A-4/V-2 Resource Site by Paul Grigorieff

On Your Knees Cave excavations

Since its discovery in 1993 during planning for a proposed timber sale, the paleontological and archaeological site called On Your Knees Cave has yielded a wealth of information about the ecology and early human occupation of southeast Alaska.

PhDiva: Romans in China?

It's a little like the claims about the Tarim Basin mummies being 'Celtic' - a very colonial view of archaeology where western influence has to be sought, encouraged by the locals who are seeking to emphasise their differences from Beijing.

Cavern may hold answers to hobbits riddle | Science & nature | The Australian

THE chance discovery of an enormous chamber beneath the Indonesian cave where hobbit-like creatures were discovered promises to settle the debate about who - or what - the tiny creatures were.

January 2007

Iranian History Books and Articles - Research Iranian History at Questia Online Library

Read complete books and articles on: Iranian History: At Questia, we offer: Exclusive access to more than 67,000 books and 1.5 million articles.

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