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22 February 2007

The CIA and Nazi War Criminals

National Security Archive Posts Secret CIA History Released Under Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book no. 146 Edited by Tamara Feinstein

Paperclip Scientists

Near the conclusion of the war, German scientists began considering which side to surrender to. The majority chose not to surrender to the Red Army and instead placed themselves in the hands of the Americans and the British. Dr. Wehrner von Braun was amon

V2ROCKET.COM - Mittelwerk / DORA

The Mittelwerk/Mittelbau/Camp Dora Mittelbau GmbH - Mittelbau KZ Written for The A-4/V-2 Resource Site by Paul Grigorieff

12 February 2007

Württ. Kunstverein Stuttgart : Current Events

Württembergischer Kunstverein sees itself as a venue for an open examination of the manifold approaches and practices of contemporary art – and their far-reaching social fields of reference. Here, open implies above all that we do not regard art educa

10 February 2007

Digging Up the Past: Stone Age Camp Found In Germany - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

Stone Age Camp Found In Germany Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a 120,000-year-old Stone Age hunting camp in a coal mine in Germany. It is a find of great European importance, researchers say.

06 February 2007


Sprüth Magers Projekte arbeitet seit 2001 mit Künstlern einer jüngeren Generation und hat im Laufe der Jahre ein ein eigenständiges internationales Programm entwickelt. Über die übliche Ausstellungspraxis hinaus vermitteln wir durch regelmäßige


SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT is one of Europe’s most renowned exhibition institutions. Since 1986, more than 170 exhibitions have been realized, among them major surveys dedicated to Vienna Art Nouveau, Expressionism, Dada and Surrealism, the history of

05 February 2007


KW Institute for Contemporary Art is regularly listed among Germany's foremost modern art institutions and attracts international media coverage. KW has no collection of its own but instead views itself as a laboratory for communicating and advancing cont

02 February 2007

Here you get an insight into the collections of the Berlinische Galerie

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Berlinische Galerie ,State Museum of Modern Art, Photography, and Architecture ,Foundation under Public Law ,Alte Jakobstraße 124-128 ,10969 Berlin ,Tel +49 30 789 02 600 ,Fax +49 30 789 02 700 [email protected]

01 February 2007

27 January 2007

Sri Durgamayi Ma Ashram e.V. , Neem Karoli Baba

All flows from You and back into You…" For Sri Neem Karoli Baba from Mataji Sri Durgamayi Ma Ashram e.V. Brindavon König-Wilhelm-Str. 35 D-89073 Ulm Germany Kainchi Brüsseler Str. 73 D-50672 Köln Germany

Art Forum Berlin

From Berlin into the World - for the tenth time ART FORUM BERLIN shows contemporary art, fresh, energetic, full of quality - the best artists and their galleries from Berlin, Germany, Europe, the USA, Latin America, Asia and Australia.Art of today for the

24 January 2007

Galerie Hilger - Hilger

For 35 years Galerie Ernst Hilger has been a catchword for interesting stocks of masterpieces of classical modern art and international as well as Austrian modern art after 1945, for negotiating art deals on a high level, and for innovations when it comes