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September 2007

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Jan van Eyck Academie

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The Jan van Eyck Academie is an institute for research and production in the fields of fine art, design and theory, based in Maastricht in the south of The Netherlands. The academy offers individuals and institutes the opportunity to submit research or pr

San Francisco Art Institute

Founded in 1871, the San Francisco Art Institute is one of the U.S.’s oldest and most prestigious schools of higher education in contemporary art. It boasts an illustrious list of alumni in all of its areas of focus. But most important, it has consisten

On Your Knees Cave excavations

Since its discovery in 1993 during planning for a proposed timber sale, the paleontological and archaeological site called On Your Knees Cave has yielded a wealth of information about the ecology and early human occupation of southeast Alaska.

The Frostig Collection

The Frostig Collection is an ongoing series of sculptures and works on paper by some of today's most compelling and well-known artists. The Collection was created by Frostig parents to bring a much-needed social skills program to the renowned Frostig Cent

Frostig Center - Helping Children with Learning Disabilities

The Frostig Center is dedicated to helping children with learning disabilities. Our three-part mission includes direct service, training, and research.

Does Evolution Select For Faster Evolvers

"We have developed the first exact solution of a mathematical model of evolution that accounts for this cross-species genetic exchange," said Michael Deem, the John W. Cox Professor in Biochemical and Genetic Engineering and professor of physics and astro

ANTHROPOLOGY:No Last Word on Language Origins -- Holden 282 (5393): 1455 -- Science

Nothing is more human than speech.Human beings were anatomically ready to speak more than 150,000 years ago--but clear evidence that they were doing so does not appear for 100,000 years afterward

January 2007

IPCS - Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India's Premier Research Institute and Independent Think Tank

The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) was established in August 1996 as an independent think tank devoted to studying security issues relating to South Asia. Over the years leading strategic thinkers, academicians, former members of the Civil

# Inspiring and supporting the development of strong, successful Montessori schools around the world # Providing clear answers to the questions that parents and educators ask about the Montessori approach

MONTESSORI, International Montessori Index of schools, teachers, materials, method,teacher training, preschools

The name Montessori is not legally protected, and can be used by anyone, for any purpose; it is vital that anyone searching for a good Montessori school or teacher-training center be aware of this. Most of the Montessori sites on the Internet today exists


Baghdad University and its foundation is talk about the history of higher education and scientific research in Iraq.Baghdad University is not the largest scientific entity only, but it is the oldest. It was through this university that all the highly qua