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12 February 2007

10 February 2007

Frostig Center - Helping Children with Learning Disabilities

The Frostig Center is dedicated to helping children with learning disabilities. Our three-part mission includes direct service, training, and research.

06 February 2007


Arlo Guthrie providing a place to bring together individuals for spiritual service, as well as cultural and educational exchange founded the Guthrie Center, an Interfaith Church, in 1991.

01 February 2007

Ayurveda at LifeSpa

Ayurveda is the "science of life." Dr. Douillard has worked for many years to bring this centuries-old health care science into our American lifestyle. The result is a natural approach to diet, exercise, daily routine, herbal medicines, and skin care that

30 January 2007

Institute of Contemporary Arts : Homepage : Homepage

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The Institute of Contemporary Arts was established in 1947 by a collective of artists, poets and writers to showcase and champion contemporary culture across a wide range of art forms. Since its establishment, it has been at the centre of many of the most

28 January 2007

Vedanta Society Olema Retreat

The Men's Retreat House Occupying over 2000 acres of forests and meadows on the PointReyes Peninsula, the Retreat was established in 1946 and hasbeen the home of a small monastic community since then. In the1970's facilities were made available for o

27 January 2007

John of God - Joao de Deus - The Miracle Man of Brazil - Books, DVD, Travel

João Teixeira heals no one. God heals." João Teixeira de Faria, commonly referred to as John of God or João de Deus, is arguably the most powerful unconscious medium alive today and is possibly the best-known healer of the past 2000 years. It is estima

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