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06 February 2007

Non-Duality Books Home

Non-Duality Press publishes books on the contemporary expression of Advaita by mostly western authors and communicators.

27 January 2007

The Essential UG--Quotes And Photos

U.G Krishnamurti, an enigma--a person who defies all classifications--a philosopher, a Non-guru, guru, call him what you may. But, once you have read even a few words, seen a photo of his, your psyche will never be the same. He will permeate your being. H

Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression

Jerry Katz, editor "Nonduality means non-separateness.""Defining nonduality is more than opening a dictionary. 'You' have to be opened.""The concept, often described in English as "nondualism," is extremely hard for the mind to grasp or visualize, since t

Guru Ratings – The Mini-Advaitas

This category consists of mostly Advaita types who are still too new, retiring or undifferentiated to merit rating or individual attention, plus a few oldies that never made it big but are worth mentioning. Some are unabashed clones of their masters or im

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