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06 February 2007

Samuel L. Lewis - Bio

"On that day the sun will rise in the West, and all people seeing will believe." --Hadith (saying) of the Prophet Mohammed)To heal the wounds of violence and war, he received a simple yet profound peace program from the spirit of Jesus: "Eat, dance, and

Guru Ratings – Sufis

Sufis come in all shapes and sizes. Some are affiliated closely with mainstream hierarchical Moslem organizations,

Welcome to the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship!

“There is a Power, a Power that controls the moon, the stars and the sun. It is a Power that can burn all other powers. It is the Power that pervades each atom, all that is finite, all that is infinite, a Power that no one can see...It has no assistance

29 January 2007

Saudi Aramco World : The Art and Science of Water

Saudi Aramco, the oil company born as an international enterprise 75 years ago, distributes Saudi Aramco World to increase cross-cultural understanding.

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