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24 January 2007 22:00

Veoh Video Guide: Most Popular Videos for This Week | Veoh Video Network

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Veoh provides a unique system for distributing television and video content that re-writes the rules of television broadcasting. The Veoh Player software, installed on PCs or Macs, creates a virtual television network, a system that is able to distribute

24 January 2007 20:00

Fine Living : Adventure Travel, Practical Living, City Guides, Wine & Shopping Guide, Gift Ideas and Buyer's Guide, Video Reports, Entertaining and Party Ideas : Fine Living

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FINE LIVING TV NETWORK is the first television network dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to find the most rewarding ways to spend their time and money, allowing them to uncover the greatest value from their experiences.FINE LIVING's programming

Vue d'en Haut | GeoBlog

The Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco formed as a result of the collision of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates about 80 million years ago, resulting in the destruction of the Tethys Ocean. The limestone, sandstone, claystone and gypsum layers that fo

Join the Campaign to Change America / John Edwards '08 Blog tch-john-edwards-dashboard-widget/ Is this the future of politics? Vanity widgets? Former VP candidate John Edwards' campaign has released a widget that provides all the latest headlines from his headquarters. Unf

a. the athens contemporary art review

a. is a monthly, online, bilingual magazine that showcases essays on contemporary art, reviews of exhibitions in Athens, interviews and book reviews. a. is attempting to document the contemporary art scene in Athens and to produce critical discourse, thus

Welcome to The ASI Show!

Join us for the ultimate tradeshow — The ASI Show! — available in five top destinations around the country! Every ASI Show! features:The industry’s top-performers including the most Multimillion-Dollar Roundtable companies New, fast-growing companie

Art Agenda

Art-Agenda is an e-mail announcement service that provides information about exhibitions at some of the world's leading art galleries selected by Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach. Art-Agenda reaches the combined audiences of Art Basel and e-flux, and i

Galerie Hilger - Hilger

For 35 years Galerie Ernst Hilger has been a catchword for interesting stocks of masterpieces of classical modern art and international as well as Austrian modern art after 1945, for negotiating art deals on a high level, and for innovations when it comes

United for Peace : Index

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United for Peace and Justice is a coalition of more than 1300 local and national groups throughout. the United States who have joined together to protest the immoral and disastrous Iraq War and oppose our government's policy of permanent warfare and empir

You’re invited to participate in the world’s largest fine and popular art fair – Artexpo New York 2007. An art showcase unmatched in size and diversity of offerings, Artexpo New York provides exhibition opportunities for galleries, publishers and a

Global Exchange - Building People-to-People Ties

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Global Exchange is a membership-based international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world. Learn more.

WesPAC | Securing America

The United States faces unprecedented threats to its national security. While America is under attack from enemies abroad, our long-term economic security, personal rights, and values are under attack here at home.Formed by General Wesley K. Clark, WesPAC

24 January 2007 19:00


Art is the core and foundation of ANDLAB where we conceive and process our creative thinking, dialog and activites. Our exhibit space is intended to nurture the experimental spirit. Evolving artists are welcomed to explore and discover new approaches in t

Wisdom of the World, Graceful Passages, Companion Arts

Wisdom of the World is a unique media company. We create and publish musical and spoken word responses to the challenges of living. Our products are infused with heart and guided by a humanitarian spirit. - The Web's premiere online yoga community, bringing yoga off the mat and onto the internet.

Looking for a place where yoga is the common ground? Want to talk asanas or find a yoga-minded roommate? is the Web's premiere online yoga community, bringing yoga off the mat and onto the internet.A forum for the likeminded, b

NRDC's Earth Action Center

NRDC is the nation's most effective environmental action organization. We use law, science and the support of 1.2 million members and online activists to protect the planet's wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all li

Science and technology information from Scientific American

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Scientific American, the oldest continuously published magazine in the U.S., has been bringing its readers unique insights about developments in science and technology for more than 150 years.

New Dimensions Media : Changing the World One Broadcast at a Time

The New Dimensions Foundation is a social profit, public benefit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) educational, organization supported by listeners. Our primary activity is the independent production of broadcast dialogues and other quality programs that explore cre

Witte de With

Institution and mission : Witte de With was established in 1990 as a center for contemporary art with the mission of introducing international contemporary art and theory in the context of the City of Rotterdam as well as the Netherlands as a whole. The i

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