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21 May 2005

16 May 2005

Dive Into Greasemonkey

by 40 others
Mark Pilgrim's new book on using Greasemonkey

13 May 2005

Back to Jerusalem

Chinese churches' open opposition to brother yun, the heavenly man

12 May 2005

10 May 2005

09 May 2005

06 May 2005

04 May 2005


SlyControl is the powerful Windows automation tool. Reprogramming the remote control.

PyCode - Python Programming

Another Python code sharing website

30 April 2005

The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster

by 4 others
The personal side of our favourite Sith Lord

29 April 2005

Jason's Exodus

Jason Au's blog

27 April 2005


by 4 others
All kinds of Chinese input system

Main Page - The TextBook Project

Everything about TextPattern

23 April 2005

22 April 2005

Razor Prices: Leading Australian Computer Hardware Price Search Engine - Updated Every Day!

"Australia's leading computer hardware price search engine" - original yes it is.

Buy in Australia - Compare prices - Price Comparison - Australia

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Another price comparison site for Aussies that does not have an about page... - Compare PC parts prices from Australia's online computer hardware and component retailers

PriceSpy Australia might help you to find a reasonable deal if you want to buy some bits for your computer in Australia. Originated from NZ.

OzPriceGuide - Australian Computer Hardware Price Comparison

OzPriceGuide was launched in November, 2003 to help people compare prices and find the best price on computer hardware in Australia.

21 April 2005

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