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Top 7 recession busting deals

With tight wallets and tighter budgets, its not a good feeling to sit at home and bemoan the state of the economy and the job losses. We should rather take up the opportunities offered by the recession before its too late!


Big Bang Film Festival Awaits Your Entries

The 2008 Big Bang Film Festival promises to be a spectacular affair. Submissions are open for the 5-day event starting October 1.


Making Money Online

A squidoo lens dedicated to introduce newbies to the secrets of earning money online as well as giving a fresh perspective to those who are already adept at the art of making money online. List of money making programs - both for webmasters and for those who do not own a site or blog.

Many young people around the world use the internet every day, and yet they have no memory of the history that led to the creation of the global network. Many have no understanding of how or why the internet has developed. 1972 - Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack get stoned out of their minds and build a computer that costs a fortune and runs no software. "Everyone will want one of these!", says Jobs. 1976 - Dr. Robert M. Metcalfe develops Ethernet, later to be replaced by SodiumPentatholNet. 1977 - E-mail invented. most common message: "Let me know when you're there so I can call you"


High on Spirits and Ghosts

The Rise of Antichrist and World War III - Prophecies by Nostradamus. ...