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24 March 2006 06:30

ISO Recorder v 2

by 8 others
"Cracking" wee plug-in. Simply adds two new options to the right click menu: CD to CD; CD to Image.

EAC - Exact Audio Copy

by 11 others
Surely one of the best mp3 rippers. And now portable? Yippee.


Great little program to grab back lots of memory.

CD Manipulator V2.70

A rare find indeed!CD emulation freeware! A tiny download needing no installation. Warning: This link will take you straight to the download.

TimeTicker and the time tickers...

by 4 others
The Time...wherever you are, or wish you were...

by 21 others
Simple, cool, and helpful.

Why Software Should Be Free

Phew...found it again with another grreat bookmarked tool.

Us.ef.ul (beelers[ace)

A "how-to" on

Angry Alien

by 23 others
Famous films re-enacted in 30 seconds...with bunnies

Thea Gilmore

The brightest and best singer-songwriter...ever.

Get Support

by 1 other
Get support for Portable Firefox

Portable Firefox

by 1 other
The Portable Firefox Homepage

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