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24 March 2006 06:30

RK Launcher

by 5 others
I love this little launcher. No installation required; any fonts easily used. Just a great piece of work!

Internet Archive

by 70 others
Find anything, it seems. Even when it can no longer be found.

A Less Brilliant Pen

Blinkered views and all that...resurfacing blog-style. Hurrah-ish.

The Extensions Mirror

by 1 other
Firefox Extensions

Tab Mix Plus

by 3 others
Unleash the full potential of the Tab...though I don't know what that is yet, or how to do it. Too complicated.


by 37 others
Save it for later...mmmm, yummy.

Restart Firefox

by 7 others
Just click it, and it...yup. Great for when you have to re-install ALL your extensions because one messes up all the rest!! Bitter? Noooo

Mouse Gestures

by 4 others
I would use them if I could be bothered to remember.

google toolbar xpi

This may not seem very helpful to begin with, but if you ever have the error message pop up when trying to install the official toolbar then you will find this link most welcome (grr)


by 56 others
Firefox and bookmark integration


by 4 others
For all your weather needs...


OK, I might use it!


One day DownloadWith will rise again...and what a day. Or something. extension

by 17 others
Official site for this extension.

Bloglines Toolkit

by 3 others
Love Bloglines, love the Toolkit.

All-In-One Sidebar

by 6 others
Sidebar Extension for Mozilla Firefox

Add Bookmark Here

by 2 others
Could be useful.

Adblock Filterset.G Updater

by 7 others
To be used in conjunction with Adblock Plus.

Virtual CloneDrive

This works like a dream. And free. And with sheep.

SpeeDefrag 3.0

At last, it works with XP

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