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October 2005

Webcast Lectures

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university of california berkeley infosys 141 search engines technology society and business

Odeo: Play, Download, and Create Podcasts

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Nice site with large collection of podcasts

September 2005

Using Multiple Monitors with Windows XP

multiple-monitor support is built into XP?

PBS Parents . Creativity | PBS

a site to help parents spark creative streaks in their children

August 2005

Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:Mouseless Browsing - All Releases

very cool extension that really allows one to do mouse-less browsing. the extension displays a number next to all links, and one can select the link by typing, or even speaking through a voice recognition system, the number.

Cheap Gas - Maryland

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nice use of google maps. marks cheap gas stations

Sun Microsystems - Product Screenshot

cool 3d window manager, applications

Duarte's Tavern - Pescadero, California - Where Friends Meet - Since 1894

great meals. especially nice after some hiking in butano.

The Bicycle Outfitter - Home

Excellent Bay Area bike shop

Ito En: Teas' Tea

Another company with good bottled tea.

Online NewsHour: Environmentalists and City Government Fight Over a California Dam -- August 12, 2005

A good piece on the debate to tear down the Hetchy Hetchy dam and to return one of Yosemite's beautiful valleys. - Building collective wisdom from commencement speeches

compilation of commencement speeches and discussions on their collective wisdom. very interesting.

July 2005

Science Friday: Making Science Radioactive

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weekly npr program on science. now available as a podcast. The Beverage Network -- The beverage industry\'s source for new product reviews, news, jobs, and more

Find reviews ands news about your favorite beverages. Check out the stellar reviews for Honest Tea.

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