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July 2006

Decimail - Introducing Decimail

Decimail is a pair of email applications: * Decimail Webmail is a web-based email client. It uses predominantly client-side code - i.e. Javascript in you web browser - to deliver a highly-responsive application. * Decimail Server is an IMAP email server that uses a PostgreSQL database for message storage. Mailboxes are defined by SQL queries, making complex message searchng and categorisation possible. Both applications use the standard email protocols, IMAP and SMTP. So although Webmail and Server can be used together, this is not necessary: subject to bugs, Webmail can be used with any IMAP server and Server can be used with any IMAP client.

Q - Q [kju:]

Run Windows, Linux and a lot more Systems on your Mac. Q is a feature packed cocoa port of QEMU: Switch fast between guest PCs. Save and restart guest PCs at any stage. Easily exchange Files between Host and Guest. Q makes use of OS X most advanced technologies like openGL, quartz and coreaudio to accelerate your experience with your guest PC. Please remember: At the present state, QEMU is still considered ALPHA software.

June 2006

::: Structured Blogging :::

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Structured Blogging is all about giving bloggers the tools to create and syndicate structured information, such as reviews and events. We currently offer two Structured Blogging plugins for the popular blogging platforms Movable Type and Wordpress. Using these plugins makes it easy to create, edit, and maintain different kinds of posts.

Basic Motion Graphics with Python

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This tutorial provides an introduction in using the Python programming language to create small programs for different forms of motion graphics, such as algorithmic animations or custom video processing.

A Different Kind of Multiplication

The Romans did not know anything about the binary system. They just knew that their method worked, which was good enough for them. Interestingly, electronic computers, which use binary numbers, employ a similar method!

May 2006


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Reflection.js 1.5 allows you to add reflections to images on your webpages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean.

April 2006

March 2006

It's all in the genes - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival starts on Friday, March 24. Previewing events at the festival, Richard Dawkins looks back at the extraordinary 30-year history of his first book, The Selfish Gene

Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math

Bearing Between Two Points

Lingfo - xlrd extension

library for developers to use to extract data from Microsoft Excel (tm) spreadsheet files.

tools for climate research

how to read GRADS binary files in python ?

Selenium IDE Intro

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There is a Firefox extension called Selenium IDE made by the folks over at It is a very easy to use and powerful tool for controlling, automating or testing web sites.

Script Smarter: Quality JavaScript from Scratch

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This article is actually an excerpt from SitePoint's new title, The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks

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