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23 May 2006

Filmstalker: Ghost Rider trailers

There are two trailers now online for Ghost Rider including an official release date. Which is better, International or Domestic?

Filmstalker: Pirates porn film with no porn!

The most expensive and successful adult film to date, Pirates, is to get a non-porn release - the directors cut?

22 May 2006

Filmstalker: Banning and Censoring - A necessary evil?

How do you feel about film censorship? When does it become censorship instead of just part of the creative process?

Filmstalker: Da Vinci Code prequel

Unsurprisingly there's talk of a follow-up to The Da Vinci Code already, and again without shock the book that seems to have been chosen is Angels and Demons and will be gracing us in a prequel movie.

Democracy Now! Stephen Colbert's Blistering Performance Mocking Bush and the Press Goes Ignored by the Media

Stephen Colbert, the host of the Comedy Central fake news program "The Colbert Report" repeatedly mocked President Bush and the press for its failings in a blistering routine at the White House Correspondents Association annual dinner Saturday night.

17 May 2006

Clerks 2 has audio commentary in cinema

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Here's a bizarre but highly imaginative marketing idea for the cinema, audio commentaries. Apparently Kevin Smith has recorded an audio commentary specifically for Clerks 2 and to be shown in cinemas, well not exactly shown, let me explain.

Transformers script reviewed

The script for the new Transformers movie has apparently leaked out and has now been reviewed online. The verdict? A fan boy's dream.

Ramis talks Ghostbusters 3

Harold Ramis has been caught talking about Ghostbusters 3 again, and this time it looks like he has an answer for the stubborn Bill Murray who continues to refuse to be involved. They might actually be considering Ben Stiller for the movie, and could that mean a Murray replacement?

Oldboy remake stalled?

In a recent interview Justin Lin has talked about the US remake of the amazing Asian movie Oldboy, and he revealed that pretty much the project is on hold. He hasn't really said why, but I'd guess issues around the plot were right up there!

World Trade Center trailer

Oliver Stone's movie World Trade Center now has a trailer over at Apple. How will European audiences feel after viewing the film versus US? Will there be a difference in feeling? The question of whether Stone is the right man to make this film seems to have been answered.

15 May 2006

Film Censors reach all time low

It's interesting to read that the number of films receiving cuts has dropped from 27% in the 1970's to less than 3% this last decade. This has sparked concern between those that want what we watch policed and filtered, and those that believe we are the audience and have the right to decide what to watch.

Adult Industry adopts download to own DVD's

As we all know the Adult Film Industry has driven the channels of delivery that the mainstream Film Industry have followed. If you don't know they adopted cinema, VHS, DVD, Internet and DVD Extras well before the mainstream Film Industry did. It's not to say that they were the force behind the mainstream industry's decision, but they certainly helped pioneer that direction and prove the Business model. Now, not only are they adopting High Definition early but they've just started a full Internet model of download, burn and own movies. Interestingly the sway within the Adult Film Industry also seems to be towards Blu-Ray over HD-DVD. Analysts agree that both directions are the way the whole Film Industry is heading.

14 May 2006

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