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14 April 2007

Text Processing in Python (a book)

by 7 others
If you want to buy the printed version this Amazon link lets me get a small commission on each sale, about equal to the royalty from the publisher, but coming much quicker (and not affecting the eventual royalty; so I get double). Feel free to emai

02 April 2007

31 March 2007

30 March 2007

28 March 2007

24 March 2007

22 March 2007

21 March 2007

19 March 2007

Fatal Voyage - Kathy Reichs Fiction / Thriller / Legal & Medical

by 15 others
With help from Montreal detective Andrew Ryan—and from a very special dog named Boyd—Tempe uncovers a shocking, multilayered tale of deceit and depravity.

02 March 2007

Chrysalis - Ray Gross Misc

by 9 others
Struggling genius Graham Godfrey, together with his select team of young discoverers, is led from Georgetown University to the mysterious Bainbridge Institute by his ambitious uncle in a quest to harness a new quantum energy source. But the project takes

21 February 2007

20 February 2007